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Why eyebuddy®?

Once you have decided to buy a new pair of glasses, you have the choice between paying full price on the high-street, or buying online from the comfort of your PC with major discounts available. The following shows what you should look out for and why we believe eyebuddy® offers the greatest service and value for quality glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses to its customers.

Our eyeTrust™ package

Fashion & designer brands

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10,000s of the very latest premium designer glasses and sunglasses in-stock

We are able to provide literally 10,000’s of the very latest designer frames because we source full ranges directly from other stores, which also helps to speed up your order. We have over 200,000 listed and are uploading them as fast as we can to give you the perfect frame with eyebuddy’s® simple search feature.

We sell all the genuine* premium designer brands that you would expect to find in London, Milan or New York, such as Oakley , Ray-Ban , Gucci , Prada , Jimmy Choo , Tag Heuer , Christian Dior , Chanel , Ted Baker , Tom Ford and Armani . We also sell the finest quality contact lenses from brands such as Acuvue , Ciba Vision and Coopervision . Because we have so many orders, we achieve the very lowest prices from our suppliers that we pass directly to you. A win-win!

*We do not deal with Grey imports, a technique that some other websites adopt. We strongly advise against buying these, as they may be selling counterfeit or stolen products, and are unlikely to include any UK guarantees.

Fashion and range leadership - Just eyebuddy.it.

eyebuddy® uses fashion experts to ensure we have the very best brands and ranges. Navigating through over 40,000 frames and products, we have a simple, yet sophisticated, advanced search facility to ensure you can quickly locate the style that suits you. These days people seem to have different frames for a variety of occasions, so we can provide glasses, frame lenses, sunglasses and contact lenses to suit your every need.

If you find a frame in a store you like, just eyebuddy.it to find how much you can save with eyebuddy. Just enter the product code (usually found on the inside of all glasses) of any brand we stock, into our free text search, you will find the frame you are looking for. Even if a picture is not available (all will be on soon), you can still find the product you want and order it at a massive discount.

Huge range of lenses from free to the world’s premium

All our lenses are technology-led and are precision crafted to your exact prescription by our UK laboratories. Our standard lenses (free with all glasses) are considered superior in some high-street opticians. Our PD measurer gives us the confidence that we will always provide the right fit. Therefore, we are able to offer a huge range of lenses (should you want the choice), including the industry leaders Zeiss and Seiko, with the same money-back guarantee we offer for our free lenses.

Contact lenses centre of excellence with massive range

As a Contact Lens Centre of Excellence, we supply 10,000’s of lenses a day, and over 40 million so far, including all the major brands and, more than likely, we probably even sell your own opticians brand (under a different name). Our Contact Lens Technology Labs and Distribution Centre has been supplying Contact Lenses for over 40 years and was one of the first to provide home delivery in the UK.

Unbeatable value

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Good old value for money: low prices to start

Buying glasses , sunglasses and contact lenses online offers great value for money over the high-street. This is because we can provide the highest levels of service and professionalism whilst still saving you money. We do this by cutting the massive overheads that are paid on the high-street, including prime retail rents and very expensive equipment. Also, because we have been working with suppliers for decades and have huge order volumes, we are able to buy our products at the best prices.

To ensure we always beat the street, we take all our base prices directly from a live feed from highly competitive UK High-Street Opticians. We then discount most products heavily and then add your own personalised eyebuddy® discount on top. The result is a truly good value offering that we don’t believe anyone else can match. In fact, we are so confident, we offer a price promise guarantee with every purchase.

Brand new value for money - An eyebuddy® revolution: Advertising Savings Passed to You™

We believe the eyebuddy® concept helps to make us the most competitive optical-goods provider on the market offering you the greatest range of products and the highest levels of service at the most affordable prices. This is how:

  • Advertising Savings Past to You™: Most business (and certainly many opticians) spend a fortune on adverts. Often over £20 in every £100 of the price you pay goes on them persuading you to shop with them. How does this help you? eyebuddy® is a unique concept that restricts advertising by reducing the need for these expensive costs and then passing the savings straight to you.
  • Let the customer decide: These days, it seems that those with the highest financial backing have to tell customers to shop with them through self-promoted slogans rather than relying on the customer to spread the good news. Of course, every retailer should be given a chance to say what they stand for, but is expensive advertising good value for customers? What’s more, the techniques used are often highly intrusive to our daily lives, such as in the form of pop-ups online. We believe that true market forces of the future will be through personal recommendation so we want you to decide if we are the best rather than us just telling you we are.
  • Buddy marketing…by invitation only!: Every business needs customers. We aim to get personal recommendations by good old fashion word of mouth, rather than expensive advertising, to ensure you always get the best value for money. Finally, you can save money through social networking. This is power of collaboration!
  • Bulk discounts without buying the bulk: By telling friends and family about eyebuddy® you can increase your personal discount to £4 in every £10. (yeah, and when they spread the word, they also start earning discounts). Together, you are effectively increasing your purchasing power, but without the need to buy excess quantities of stock. Rather, your purchasing power is supported by your friends for mutual benefit. This revolutionises the way you save on the best designer glasses and contact lenses consistently. In fact, we are often told you can get premium designer glasses with quality lenses from eyebuddy® for less than optician own brands.

A comprehensive package

Our Orders Include perhaps the most generous package on the market, including, but not limited to:

FREE Fast Free Delivery on orders over £60 within mainland UK

All prescription glasses include FREE prescription lenses, Case, Cleaning Cloth

Complete guarantees , including:

  • 7 Day Money Back Guarantee for glasses and sunglasses (see Terms & Legals ).
  • 12 Month Manufacturer Defect Guarantee.
  • Price Promise Guarantee.

Professional Service

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Our skills, expertise and best practices

Our large team of experienced professionals and customer service representatives are dedicated to providing you with good advice, as well as a friendly and reliable service. eyebuddy® ensures the highest quality standards are continually achieved. We ensure the following:

  • All orders are reviewed, checked and approved.
  • If you have any questions, we can provide advice on our site or on the phone. For example, we can advise of eye care, frame suitability and on lens choice.
  • We check and set-up every finished pair before posting to ensure consistent quality.

Technology leaders

We are a new concept website looking to revolutionise the way you buy your eyewear. We have set out from the beginning to be technology leaders and have devised our leading patent pending eyeTry-on feature that provides a measurement of your Pupil Distance (PD). Our simple search is one of the very best in the industry so we hope you can find the product(s) that are right for you.

Helping to save the environment

Not only do we save everyone money through 'buddy marketing', we also cut down the need for the environmentally unfriendly leaflet campaigns that so many other companies block up our letter boxes with. What’s more, we use recycled packaging, and recycle all inbound packaging as a part of our corporate responsibility strategy. Future generations will appreciate all our foresight here.

Please help us to minimise the effect we have on the environment by reusing or recycling your waste. Instead of throwing your waste in the bin (unsorted waste) find your nearest recycling points and helpful recycling tips by visiting http://www.recycle-more.co.uk/or by phoning their helpline 0800 123 4567

Continuous customer care

Your vision is essential. We offer advice from the experts at no charge and have a trained quality control team who ensure that you glasses and contacts are made to the highest standards. With plenty of experience, we enjoy talking about glasses and contact lenses so please feel free to contact us .

Your peace of mind

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We therefore include a price promise guarantee, and, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, we offer a Money-back guarantee as well as a 12 month defect guarantee. We want you to be delighted, and tell the world about us! If you would like to contact us for whatever reason, please click here .

Customers for life

Some companies treat new customers as superior to existing loyal customers. Many banks and opticians are famous for this yet often benefit from life-long custom. At eyebuddy®, we treat new customers very well giving them an additional 20% discount (with 5 recommended emails addresses) on their orders. However, the eyebuddy® concept means that loyal customers will then see their discount grow up to 40% in the future of all (including those already discounted). This also applies to all discounted items as well, meaning you can save over 80% off (often below our cost price) your top designer eyes-wear as well as contact lenses and other eye-related products. By offering you the best products with dedicated service at the greatest value, we hope that you will stay with us for life.


eyebuddy is very easy to use with all the relative information that is simply to understand. Eyebuddy also have a great selection of different brands.

Janie R

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