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Glasses prescription lenses | Spectacle lenses | Prescription lenses | Glasses lenses - Brand overviews


The following provides a list of prescription lens brands with links to further information about each brand and their glasses lenses

Carl Zeiss Seiko  Hoya 
Carl Zeiss lenses
Seiko lenses Hoya lenses
Kodak Essilor Rodenstock

Kodak lenses
Essilor lenses Rodenstock lenses 

Eyebuddy Standard lenses

Spectacle lenses

Opthalmic lenses or glasses lenses are a crucial part of glasses as they affect the clarity of vision. Prescription lenses often get overlooked when purchasing spectacles are they are often perceived to offer little aesthetic benefit to the wearer, except perhaps lens thickness. However, the human brain collects 90 percent of its information using eyes. Since your understanding of the world depends on how you see things, perfect vision is crucial. Spectacle lenses can make a huge difference to the quality of your vision and we believe you get what you pay for when it comes to lenses. eyebuddy® therefore offer standard lenses for free (toughened 1.6 for rimless frames) but recommends upgrading the thickness. These lens made by Shamire are equivalent, often better, than what you find in the leading high-street opticians.  If you usually wear and like Pentax Lenses, then we recommend you use standard eyebuddy lenses. 

Branded ophthalmic lenses

Branded spectacle lenses are also available on eyebuddy, which are all quality options. We often find that people who experience a particular brand are happy delighted and tend to re-order the same spectacle lenses year after year. eyebuddy® is proud to offer perhaps the widest range of lenses available online in the UK and include premium brands, such as Zeiss and Seiko. Therefore, if you are wearing a particular brand you will probably find it here at eyebuddy®. Further to standard lenses, we currently sell Zeiss lenses, SEIKO lenses, Hoya lenses, Kodak lenses, Essilor lenses.

Choosing your spectacles lenses

We offer a variety of higher refractive index plastics that are thinner than standard. Please note that the thinner designs help improve the appearance of your glasses and allow for lighter, thinner and flatter lenses.

Whatever glasses you choose we recommend a scratch resistant coating and also a anti-reflection (AR) coating (also known as Anti-Glare) for improved clarity of vision. AR coatings greatly improves the efficiency of the lens since less light is lost meaning that others can see your eyes better too! 

eyebuddy® also sell tinted lenses, prescription sunglass tints (to turn glasses into prescription sunglasses), Polarised lenses and Transitions and other photochromic lenses (which react with light), all of which offer full UV protection"Transitions (often known as "Reactions") are light reactive Photochromic lenses (Grey for natural colours and Brown for contrast) that darken on exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation and clear when UV is removed (such as by being indoors). Polarised lenses also reduce glare from reflective surfaces, such as the surface of a lake or the shine of a car in sunlight. Please note that all  plastic lenses have some degree of UV absorption & protection but do not provide a total block, as a full block gives a yellow tint. Sunglass lenses have a coat applied for a full lens block.

Please click on the branded logos above to view further information about branded opthalmic lenses and our competitive prices. Once you have added your prescription, we validate this with the lens options you can have and only display these to you.

Glasses lens thickness

Some people think that when we say a 1.6 lens that this means it is going to be 1.6mm thick, which is wrong! The higher the number the thinner the lens will be. This is because materials that bend light more than others have a higher "Refractive index” and therefore a shorter or longer focal length. This means that the same correction and focal length can be achieved from "less” lens (material) making them thinner. Lenses with stronger prescriptions are thicker and, therefore, people with stronger prescriptions tend to prefer to order thinner lenses. Please note that thinner lenses remain very touch and suitable for all frame types. The following provides a rough guide to choosing lenses that are of an appropriate thickness:

  • 1.56 Index lenses - Prescription Sphere values from +/- 0.00 to +/- 2.00
  • 1.61 Index lenses (mid-index lenses) - Prescription Sphere values up to around +/- 4.00
  • 1.67 or 1.74 Index lenses (high-index lenses) - Prescription Sphere values above +/- 4.00

Pleaes note, that eyebuddy supplies 1.6 toughened lenses as standard (and free) for rimless glasses. Thin lenses (e.g., Mid-Index and High-Index) are also toughened lenses.  

We don’t recommend buying Varifocal lenses or Bi-Focal lenses online - Buy 'Frame only' but get them glazed locally

eyebuddy does not currently supply either bifocal or varifocal glasses (which offer clear vision for all distances). This is because eyebuddy puts professional service as the most important element of its business. We sell these for contact lenses. However, for frames, Bifocals and Varifocals (Progressive lenses) have to be fitted perfectly to one’s face (you need to see the frame on the nose for example). Otherwise, especially for higher-prescriptions, the wearer will not be able to see properly. Therefore, online providers that do offer these lenses are guestimating measurements and satisfaction will only ever be ‘Pot-luck’. eyebuddy aims for 100% satisfaction and doesn’t believe this can be met without proper measurements. We recommend that you buy the 'Frame only' and most opticians will be more than happy to measure and fit Bifocal or Varifocal lenses to them.  

You can ask your optician to glaze and fit

You can order any frames without prescription lenses and then ask your optician to glaze and fit them. This is a sensible route if you wish to buy varifocal or bi-focal lenses. Please note, that some opticians may require a receipt of purchase.




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