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Your eyebuddy discount
eyeBuddy® Discount

Your discount consists of:
15% discount for registering (standard off high-street)
0% discount for inviting buddies
0% discount for buddies that have registered
0% discount for buddies who have bought something
Your eyebuddy discount is 15%

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How eyebuddy® works

How to add eyebuddies:

Add an eyebuddy

Please note that you must be logged-in to add eyebuddies to you account using the feature above.

Once you are logged in (you have to register to do this), you can invite buddies within the box above. Alternatively, you can invite them within your Account area. Basket or Check-out.

How your eyebuddy® discount is worked out:

You receive a permanent 15% discount when you register (no membership fee). You then can invite as many buddies as you like and will receive the following further discounts (for the 5 best eyebuddies):

  • For each buddy you invite, you will receive a further 1% discount. All invitees must be new and, therefore, not registered on, or already invited to, eyebuddy®.
  • For each buddy you invited that then goes on to register on eyebuddy.co.uk, your percentage discount for that buddy changes to a 2% discount.
  • For each buddy you invited that then goes on to purchase from eyebuddy.co.uk (minimum £30), your percentage discount for that buddy changes to a 5% discount (their purchase must be within the last 2 years or it will revert back to 2% until they next buy and it will then go back up to 5%).

The maximum potential eyebuddy® discount is currently set to a total of 40% of the eyebuddy® price, which is often below cost price!

eyebuddies are automatically arranged in your favour. For example, if you invite 10 buddies, the 5 that provide you with the highest discounts will be used to calculate your discount. However, we recommend you add as many buddies as possible to ensure you have the best possible discount in the future.

We hope you agree that this is a compelling idea which is why we are patenting it to start a revolution in how you buy eyewear.

How your eyebuddy® discount is displayed at the top right corner throughout the site:

Discount Displayed

How your eyebuddy® discount is displayed on each product page:

Discount Details

  1. eyebuddy® price: This is the price that eyebuddy® charges before your personalised eyebuddy® discount is added. This is almost always significantly less than the High-Street Prices as we view real high-street opticians data to ensure significant savings. For glasses, eyebuddy also include standard lenses for free. For full-rimmed and semi-rimless/supra glasses, these include CR39 lenses, which usually retail at around £59. For rimless glasses, these include thin and tough 1.6 lenses, which retail at £108.50 (maximum combined sphere -8/+6, cyl - 2). Prices are frequently reviewed to be kept up-to-date.
  2. Your eyebuddy® price: This is the actual price you pay. It is tailored according to your personalised eyebuddy® discount displayed at the top right of the site at all times.
  3. Your potential eyebuddy® price: "This is the price you could potentially pay if all your eyebuddies buy from eyebuddy® too (within the last two years).

*Please note that the eyebuddy® discount is subject to change. However, any changes are likely to be in your favour. Delivery charges (where applicable) are exempt from your discount as they are charged at standard rates. Please read our Terms and Legals for more information.

How does eyebuddy® provide such low prices?

It’s simple (but genius): For a start, our prices are already considerably lower than you will find on the high-street. This is because we make massing savings:

  • By not having the highly expensive costs associated with prime-retail properties, equipment, etc.
  • Through negotiating the best prices from our long established suppliers and through bulk purchasing deals.
  • Distribution efficiencies.
  • By relying on word of mouth (rather than advertising) through the eyebuddy® system. (Note: It is estimated that some of the better known high-street opticians spend over 10% of the price you pay on advertising to you. Other large online provider often pay over 20% of each transaction to its affiliates).

All these savings are passed straight to you! For the word of mouth you provide we then provide you with a personalised eyebuddy® discount which is applicable throughout the site; including on sale items!


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