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Here, in our eyebuddy glossary, you will find what you need to know about eye-care and eye-wear.

Anti-Reflection coating

Eyebuddy recommends an anti-reflection coating because they improve the quality and the value of your lenses. An anti-reflection coating reduces disturbing reflections. It makes your lenses more attractive. And you will experience the most precise, crisp and clear natural vision in a brilliance that is not possible with uncoated lenses.

An uncoated lens reflects up to 8% of light from each surface meaning that compared to someone who doesn’t wear glasses a spectacle wearer "loses” up to 16% of available light. In dim light conditions such as when driving at night, this can make the difference between seeing and not seeing something. This loss of light is the reason cameras, binoculars and other optical instruments ALWAYS have coated optics.

Reflections from your lenses can also impair your vision in other ways. For example in bright conditions they can increase glare; and reflections from the rear of the lens "get in the way” of what you are trying to see. These ghost images are distracting and reduce your ability to see clearly.

Reflections also make your glasses less attractive as they mask your eyes. Anti-reflection lenses solve all these problems and many more. With anti-reflection coated lenses your glasses will look better because your lenses will "disappear” so we can appreciate the full beauty of your eyes. Your lenses will look thinner and set off your frame perfectly.

If you have a high prescription you will probably consider investing in thinner lenses - it is pointless going for thin lenses without an antireflection coating as in many cases a standard lens with a coating will look thinner than a thin lens without it. Before you consider investing in better quality frames or lenses, you should invest in an antireflection coating as it will have the most benefit both in terms of your vision and how attractive you will look in your glasses.

Antireflection lenses incorporate state of the art vacuum coating technology to deposit multiple microscopically thin layers of quartz and other minerals on your lenses. These magically make virtually all reflections disappear using (for the scientists amongst you) the principle of thin film interference. They also usually incorporate a scratch resistant coating and the very best ones, such as those used on Zeiss lenses incorporate a dirt and water repellent "easy clean” coating too.

Antireflection lenses do need looking after. Because they are clearer they show dirt and finger-marks more easily and because of this you will find yourself cleaning your glasses more regularly (which is no bad thing!). You are recommended to use a microfibre cloth designed specifically for coated lenses and a spray cleaner too. If your glasses get particularly dirty or greasy we recommend using a dilute mild detergent and rinsing them under the tap using cold or luke-warm water.

One word of caution: in addition to cleaning them properly to look after your antireflection lenses you need to be aware that extremes of heat can make the coating expand at a different rate to the base lens and if this happens it will "craze” or lift off the lens and be rendered ineffective. For this reason you should not leave your glasses on your car dashboard on a sunny day, and you should not expose them to very hot water (some people clean their glasses in a dishwasher believe it or not – this will definitely damage them) or other sources of heat.

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