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eyebuddy® revolution - The power of many

eyebuddy® is amazingly cheap so everyone wins

Join eyebuddy® (no membership fee), spread the word to 5 friends or family, and save 20% permanently of everything on the eyebuddy® site. Then when your friends spread the word, you could save 40% and help your mates get discounts too! eyeBuddy’s® prices are already far cheaper than the high street so savings may be over 80% and you could pay well below our cost price for some products. Click here to see how eyebuddy® works . I suppose you could say that this is profiting from your mates, but the best thing about it, they lose nothing…oh, except paying more for their quality eyewear at their highstreet optician. We do hope that you will join us.

And its really fair

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

Here’s how we do it...

We don’t waste your cash on pricey ads!

Many companies spend over 20% of your money on their advertising campaigns telling you how great they think they are. Sound familiar? eyebuddy® thinks you would rather keep this cash for yourselves.

The power of recommendation and loyalty - You earn extra discounts by spreading the word

The concept of eyebuddy® is to reward advocating and loyal customers with the lowest prices on their quality eye-wear. Our customer base stems largely from our ‘Buddy’ system emails (1 email!) so we don’t waste your dosh on expensive adverts, because you do the advertising for us*. What you tell your mates has always been the best and fairest kind of publicity, not wasteful and intrusive advertising! So, if you like us, pass it on and, when your mates start to buy from us, we’ll reward you with extra discounts! It saves everyone money and helps for a greener environment. That’s eyebuddy® marketing.


No flashy shops to pay for

We also make huge savings from our established relationships with our UK suppliers and other things like expensive property & equipment – all of which are also passed to you. The eyebuddy® concept offers fantastic value that we believe no other high-street or other web-based provider can match.

We’re growing fast

It’s amazing. eyebuddy® has already started to take the world by storm by bringing social networking into online retailing. And the word is spreading fast, thanks to our customers. eyebuddy® will save you a lot of money now, and, even more in the future.

We're professional...

No PD? No Problem! Get the right fit

When you get fitted for glasses at the opticians, they measure the distance between your pupils (PD). It’s worth getting it right. Your glasses will feel better and there’s less chance of blurring or eyestrain. Opticians will often leave a PD off your prescription, or charge up to £100 for it, to try and encourage you to buy your glasses in their shops. Other online retailers typically ask for an average guestimate. eyebuddy® overcomes the problem entirely with its eyeTry-on (Patent Pending), which includes an exclusive precision pupil mapping tool to accurately measure your PD.

Fantastic choice that’s simple to search

We have the widest range of up-to-date designer glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses in-stock (literally tens of thousands). We also believe our website has the most advanced search feature in the industry and is easy to navigate so you can find most things you can get in store.

Trusted in optics

eyebuddy® is online, easy to use, and give unbeatable value (upto 85% off the high-street). As a centre of excellence, we maintain great pride in our products and are trusted for our dedication to service. Optical advice, services and orders offered through our website (and on the phone) are managed and supervised.

Read eyebuddy's aims here.

*As a web business, the ability to find us through search engines is paramount and we therefore need to be convenient to our customers. Because of this, our only advertising expenditure is on carefully controlled and limited pay per click campaigns. eyebuddy® does however strongly minimise its advertising expenditure (around 1% of sales) and passes the savings it makes on to its customers. Welcome to the eyebuddy® revolution!


Great service, products and fast delivery – very pleased and would definitely recommend.

Amanda J

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