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Contact lens brands overview - eyeContacts

The following provides a list of the biggest contact lens brands and contact lens manufacturers with links to their products and further information about each brand:


Featured Products contact lenses Clearance Products contact lenses Acuvue contact lenses
Featured Products info
Featured Products contact lenses

Clearance Products info
Clearance Products contact lenses

Acuvue info
Acuvue contact lenses

Bausch & Lomb contact lenses Ciba Vision contact lenses CooperVision contact lenses
Bausch & Lomb info
Bausch & Lomb contact lenses

Ciba Vision info
Ciba Vision contact lenses

CooperVision info
CooperVision contact lenses

Johnson & Johnson contact lenses Menicon contact lenses Thompson contact lenses
Johnson & Johnson info
Johnson & Johnson contact lenses

Menicon info
Menicon contact lenses

Thompson info
Thompson contact lenses

Ultravision contact lenses Veni Vidi contact lenses Opticians Own Brand
Ultravision info
Ultravision contact lenses

Veni Vidi info
Veni Vidi contact lenses

Opticians Own Brand info
Opticians Own Brand lenses


Contact lenses - Brands of contact lenses

There are many contact lenses brands and contact lenses types to choose from within the market. Wearers of contact lenses get significantly improved vision but they are also popular for image and fashion. Contact lenses have evolved significantly and are increasingly improved by massive technological advancements. Contact lenses can come in a variety of styles (read more below) and even colors - blue lenses, brown lenses, black lenses, and even green lenses.

The list below includes the most popular contact lens brands that offer high quality lenses.


Choosing your contact lenses

Before buying contact lenses it is important to make sure you get a prescription as this includes the brand of contact lenses within it. You can't just shop around for contact lenses in the UK without being fitted by a contact lens optician or ophthalmic optician. If you would like to try other lenses (e.g., Acuvue Tru-eye), make sure you have the correct contact lens prescription. If you are a first timer, wearing contact lenses can be difficult to begin with, but it will become easier after sometime wearing them. Please ensure you look after your contact lenses wearing them no more than prescribed and making sure you use the correct solution to ensure the hygiene of your contact lenses, and health of your eyes.


Types of contact lenses

There are a number of different types of contact lenses: Daily Disposable contact lenses; Weekly Disposable contact lenses; Bi-weekly Disposable contact lenses; Monthly contact lenses; Toric contact lenses; Coloured contact lenses; Gas Permeable contact lenses; Bifocal contact lenses and Multi-focal contact lenses. The term "disposable contact lenses" often refers to both disposable and frequent replacement lenses. "Extended wear contacts" allow you to wake up each day with clear vision. They may be daily wear (removed before sleeping) or extended wear (left in overnight).

  • Daily contact Lenses – Daily Disposable contact lenses are the most hygienic and convenient way to wear contact lenses. There’s no lens care or solution required – you just wear them for one day only and throw them out. This gives excellent flexibility for full or part-time wear, which makes them very popular. Acuvue is the only brand that offers daily disposable contact lenses with UV-protection. With daily contact lenses, the price is more expensive compared to other types, but you save money on solutions, which are not required. Weekly contact Lenses – Weekly contact lenses offer convenience in extended wear. This means that you use them for just one week and then throw them away after the 7 days later (regardless of whether they have been worn for the full week or not).
  • Bi-weekly contact lenses – These are designed to be worn on a two-week daily wear lens (which means you take the lenses out each night), and throw them out after 2 weeks. For the first timers eyebuddy recommends Acuvue 2.
  • Monthly contact lenses - Monthly contact lenses are designed to be worn on a one-month daily wear lens (which means you take the lenses out each night and throw them out after 1 month. Please ensure you leave your contacts in a solution over night.
  • Toric contact lenses - Toric contact lenses are to correct an astigmatism. Toric contacts can be either soft or gas permeable. However, Toric lenses have two powers in them, created with curvatures at different angles (one for astigmatism, the other for either myopia or hyperopia). In order to provide crisp vision, toric contact lenses must rotate on your eye so there is a mechanism to keep them stable on your eye as you blink.
  • Coloured contact lenses - Coloured contact lenses are to change your eye colour, such as for fashion.
  • Gas Permeable contact lenses - GP contact lenses are rigid, but they shouldn't be confused with old-style "hard" contact lenses, which are now obsolete. Hard contact lenses were made of a material known as PMMA. Before 1971, when soft contact lenses were introduced, just about all contact lenses were made from PMMA. They are also known as rigid gas permeable (or RGPs), or oxygen permeable lenses. Gas permeable contact lenses transmit more oxygen to the eye than do traditional soft contact lenses and provide clearer vision and more durability.
  • Bi-focal contact lenses - Bifocals contact lenses are most commonly prescribed to people with presbyopia who also require a correction for myopia, hyperopia, and/or astigmatism.
  • Multi-focal contact lenses - Multi-focal contact lenses have several focusing areas that correct for both nearsightedness and farsightedness. Like Bi-focal contact lenses, Multi-focal contact lenses are designed to provide clear vision to people with presbyopia.

eyebuddy recommend Acuvue contact lenses for daily wear as these are the world’s leading prescription contact lens brand manufactured (contact lenses made by Johnson and Johnson). Acuvue lenses include an ultra-thin design that is used to allow a high level of oxygen to the eye. Acuvue contacts come with UV protection to keep harmful UV rays from entering your eyes and are made mostly of water, as they work well with your natural eye fluids. Besides, Acuvue contacts include an Inside-Out mark to make them easier to insert. Acuvue offers daily, weekly and biweekly lenses.

If you have a problem with your sight, please consult your optician.


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