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Merry Christmas 2012!

The Eyebuddy Team wishes you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
We hope you enjoy the festive Christmas period in good spirits and humour!

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Cheap sunglasses causes allergies?


There was a recent newspaper article in the Daily Mail where a lady bought £1 sunglasses for a holiday. She claimed she had a severe allergic reaction to them which cut short her holiday, and the article is basically about her trying to warn everyone about the perils of wearing "cheap sunglasses".

This article doesn't highlight the correct points of what would have been a more informing and important article. Firstly, the girl is trying to place the blame of her allergy on her sunglasses because they were cheap. This is not correct. The price of the sunglasses has no relevance to her allergy. If someone is allergic to alcohol, it doesn't matter if you pay £5 or £5,000 for the bottle, you will still get an allergic reaction to both. Being cheap or expensive is not the cause of an allergy.

Plastic sunglasses contain dyes and waxes which may or may not have caused the allergy, but all sunglasses contain dyes and waxes, albeit in different amounts. Plastic sunglasses are made from different raw materials, and it just so happened that the sunglasses the girl worn on holiday contained a raw material she was allergic to. Still, allergic reactions to plastic glasses and plastic sunglasses remain rare.

The most important part of the article was the medical experts saying, "The sunglasses do not always offer adequate protection from harmful UV rays (ultraviolet rays) and wearers may be putting their sight at risk." This is very true. A lot of people think the main role of sunglasses is to dim the brightness of sunlight to allow better vision. This concept is wrong. The main role of sunglasses is to provide UV protection against the sun.

UV rays can cause the eyes to age, can induce cataracts, can damage the retina and the lens of the eyes and cause irreversible damage leading to blindness. These are possible results from long term exposure to sunlight. The true role of sunglasses is to protect your eyes, providing them with a layer of protection to reduce or filter out the dangerous UV rays.

The problem with cheap sunglasses is that they may not provide enough or any UV protection. Therefore cheap sunglasses cannot be trusted for this reason. When buying sunglasses, always look for sunglasses that have a wide lens area that can cover as much of the eyes as possible. Light travels and bounces from different directions and angles. Wide rimmed sunglasses can act as a shield from all angles. Last of all, if you don't know what sunglasses offer 100% UV protection, eyebuddy.co.uk only sell designer sunglasses that offer 100% UV protection. Although not as cheap as £1, our designer sunglasses are much better quality. eyebuddy.co.uk are also cheaper than most authentic online sunglasses suppliers.

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Everyday Problems Sorted!

Q. I need new glasses but have no idea which ones suit me - and there's too much choice at my opticians. Any suggestions?

A. A new website called eyeBuddy (www.eyebuddy.co.uk) allows you to try on frames virtually (log in required). Not only will you be able to see which glasses suit you but you'll also get a perfect fit. "Until now, online companies have 'guesstimated' the distance between your pupils (PD) which ensures best fit," says eyeBuddy's Mary Jane Greenhalgh. Opticians measure PD, but may leave it off a prescription or charge up to £100 for it. EyeBuddy's high-tech system can accurately measure PD on a photograph of your face. Just upload a photo, then select and drop on different styles until you find the perfect pair. There are over 20,000 styles to choose from - and advice on glasses to suit your face shape.

Article as featured in the Prima Magazine.

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Blink solutions

eyebuddy are glad to announce that we finally have the impressive Blink eye-drop solutions available for sale! This range of Blink solutions include:

The Blink Refreshing solutions give a much needed boost for the eyes to replenish their natural moisture. Blink Contacts solutions help improve lubrication to remove certain discomfort when wearing contact lenses. Blink Intensive Tears were designed to provide comfort and protection for the eyes that feel dry, irritated and uncomfortable. Blink-n-Clean helps promote lens cleanliness during wear.

The Blink solutions allow you to wear contact lenses more comfortably and for longer periods of time without the irritation. This is why Blink solutions are highly recommended solutions by many respected Opticians in the UK. At eyebuddy, we believe in having quality products available for customers, and we are proud to announce the availability of the range of Blink solutions for sale! We believe we sell the cheapest Blink eye-drop solutions online (in the UK). Come buy Blink solutions from eyebuddy!

Tagged with: blink, blink contacts, blink intensive tears, blink intensive tears PLUS, blink refreshing, blink solutions, blink-n-clean, Contact lenses, eyebuddy, eye-care, Promotions

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Did you know the Luxottica Group company own or work with many global and famous eyewear brands? These designer brands include: Ray-Ban, Oakley, Arnette, ESS, K&L, Luxottica, Mosley Tribes, Oliver Peoples, Persol, REVO, Sferoflex, Vogue, Anne Klein, Brooks Brothers, Bvlgari, Burberry, Chanel, Chaps, D&G, Dolce&Gabbana, DKNY, Miu Miu, Ralph Lauren, POLO, Paul Smith, Stella McCartney, Tiffany&Co, Tory Burch, Versace and Versus.

The partnership between the Luxottica Group and the designer brands ensures a continual improvement and evolution of eyewear. Luxottica maintains that all their products are of premium quality. Luxottica have an incredible portfolio of luxurious designer glasses, designer sunglasses and a wide selection of professional sports eyewear. The Luxottica Group have amassed a huge customer base worldwide with hope it'll continue to grow as they renew important partnerships with several enormous brands.

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3D Viewing, Is It Safe?

A lot of people are concerned about 3D viewing and if it is safe for the eyes. According to statistics, 10% of people in the world develop headaches and eye-strains whilst watching in 3D. Is this true?

Let’s start off with a fact. 3D viewing does not cause any permanent damage to the eyes, health or body. The lenses in our eyes are the most sophisticated in the world. Lens companies are constantly trying to replicate this level of complexity and sophistication into their own artificial lenses. Our eyes naturally allow us 3D vision from which we can determine approximate distances. 3D image visuals are not bad for the eyes.

The main difference from what your eyes naturally sees compared to what’s projected at the cinema or TVs is that, the 3D images are simulated. This can put new demands and strains on the eyes as it is an unnatural 3D image. The main problem is that the focus of your eyes is constantly shifting between vergence and accommodation requirements. This basically means your eyes have to work extra hard trying to reprocess a 3D visual simulation in a way your eyes and mind can understand, thus straining the eyes and mind with an unnatural demand.

Conventional tests were completed in a research that monitored patients viewing 3D. Findings showed that of those that complained of headaches and eyestrain, their results didn’t highlight any particular area that differed to those who were fine after the viewing. This basically means that viewing in 3D has the same effect on everyone, just that some people feel the strain or dizziness/headaches more than others.

Most people can cope with viewing in 3D and adapt reasonably well. Watching 3D visuals for a short period for most people is fine. The problem is that most movies last at least an hour and a half with no breaks. Still, there have been no permanent injuries reported from watching 3D. Special 3D glasses will make no difference compared to those you can purchase or given freely at cinemas. So yes, watching in 3D is fine but for those who do feel the effects of eye strain more than others, it is recommended to avoid 3D until a more sophisticated 3D spectacle has been made available.

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Sunglasses perfect for Summer 2012

Last week we got our eyeglasses fashion experts to selectively choose the trendiest spectacles of 2012 that would be a hit for Summer. This week we have requested their help on the sunglasses they believe will be most popular in the Summer of 2012. With plenty of sports action over this Summer and plenty of sun predicted, it would be great to be ahead of the game and order these beauties earlier in the year before the Summer rush takes over. The designer sunglasses selectively chosen were as follows.

3070 S GucciIce Pick OakleyAkoni Maui Jim

The 3070/S Gucci sunglasses are a brown pair of sunglasses with a striking entwined G logo of Gucci on the arms. This Gucci frame is suitable for females and is predicted to be one of the trendiest sunglasses of Summer. The havana colour will easily compliment most hair colours and colour of attires. The 12-958 Ice Pick Polarised Oakley sunglasses is a semi-rimmed frame more suitable for men. A comfortable fit and generic frame colour means this frame can't go wrong. Oakley are one of the biggest designer sunglasses brands around, this Ice Pick will look fantastic out in Summer. The Akoni Maui Jim Classic sunglasses have a big lens surface area meaning maximum protection for the eyes during Summer against the dangerous UV rays from the sun. Maui Jim are always recommended for Summer and especially any water-related activities such as the pool.

The CHAMPION SML Carrera sunglasses in white are a great choice for people who are happy to move away from the popular black-coloured frame sunglasses. Another female favourite is the 6029B Bvlgari sunglasses. This frame has a beautiful and intricate design on it's arm and has a lovely gradient lens colour change for added style. This Bvlgari frame is a gem for fashion and looks. Last of all, our experts have chosen from the Ray-Ban brand. The 8302 Ray-Ban sunglasses are spectacular in both design, comfortability and technology. Made of special high-tech raw materials, this Ray-Ban frame is very robust and has room for bending. The flexibility of this frame means it's suitable for most head shape and sizes and has a comfortable fit. All these 6 shades have been predicted as best-sellers of Summer 2012 and our fashion experts have given them their approval, have you?

Tagged with: 2012, bvlgari, carrera, Designer sunglasses, eyebuddy, fashion, gucci, maui jim, oakley, ray-ban, summer

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Glasses that Shine for Summer 2012

We are in officially in the Spring season of 2012 and it won't be long before Summer is knocking on our door step. For the people interested in buying a new pair of glasses in time for Summer, we have summoned our fashion experts to look through all our frames 1 by 1 to pick out the most suitable. We set them the task to choose a couple of designer glasses that will look radiant during Summer, are easy on the eyes to compliment your aesthetic appearance, can be worn to different events and programmes without looking out of place and lastly, that they are all are within the fashion trends of 2012.

1128B D&GEA9413 Emporio Armani3047 Gucci
57MV Prada2178 Monarch Ted Baker5206 Ray-Ban

The 1128B D&G designer glasses frame is more suited for the female wearer. A clean and crisp looking frame that produces a sophisticated and intellectual look upon the wearer. The clear colour change within the frame keeps the style of the frame modernised and timeless. The EA 9413 Emporio Armani designer frame is the classic white colour that is growing in trend again. An even combination of black and white gives the user a smart appearance. The Emporio Armani eyewear frame is more suited for the male wearer. The 3047 Gucci is one of the most popular Gucci models. A timeless frame that fits well with both young and old wearers among the female population. A popular choice for people who are sick of the typical black frames and want to experiment with coloured frames.

The 57MV Prada, a female spectacle, is a gorgeous frame. Violet and purple in colour, it has some small and intricate markings along the side of the frame for added effect and design. Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest difference in aesthetic appearance. The burgundy 2178 Monarch Ted Baker glasses have an artistic design along the arm of the frame. Butterfly shaped silhouettes that can resemble a repetitive floral pattern that keep the specs very imaginative and interesting. The frame is metal and is best for the younger generation of spec wearers. The final frame selected by the experts is the classic 5206 Ray-Ban. A delightful combination of black, white and red makes this frame really stand out and is no surprise this frame is one of the best sellers around for Ray-Ban. The Ray-Ban designer spectacles is versatile with many different face shapes and sizes and is often preferred by the male wearing population. The Ray-Ban glasses are smart, sexy, sleek and is worthy of popularity surrounding this frame.

We hope our fashion experts have helped you with their selected choice of glasses for fashion trends of Summer 2012.

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Old Age Driving, is it safe?

Once the eyes have been fully developed during the child years, eye sight continues to deteriorate until the day we pass away. Eye sight deteriorates at different rates in different people, hence why some adults do not need to wear glasses and some do. We will all reach an age where our visual function has decreased so much that it begins to have an effect on the daily tasks we do, such as driving.

Numerous studies have been conducted by numerous researchers, and depending on whose facts and figures you read, it may influence what you believe. Some studies by researchers show clear correlation that the older you get, the more likely you are to be involved in a driving accident. The claim is that your eye sight deteriorates to such as point that visual image is no longer clear, even with glasses on. Also with old age, your reflex from the nerves and neck movement has dulled; therefore the argument is that you will react far too slow if a problematic situation arises leading to an accident.

Other studies have shown that whilst there may be a correlation, it is too weak to base older drivers with having more accidents. Facts clearly show that most driving accidents often involve the younger or more correctly termed, newer-generation drivers. The claim is that older drivers have amassed plenty of driving experience over the years and can use this experience to avoid possible problematic situations far better than the judgment of newly qualified drivers.

As visual acuity deterioration differs from person to person, there is no clear age where once reached, you are considered a dangerous hazard on the road. Also many different factors can come into play such as eye disorders (i.e. glaucoma), glare (lenses for glasses), car (i.e. engine), the driver's mental state and more. If you are unsure whether you should or can continue to drive, you should consult 2nd opinions from the Opticians and Doctors. Do remember that driving safely is important, not only to you as the driver but to everyone else concerned such as passengers, other drivers and public passersby. There are always other alternatives such as public transport.

Tagged with: doctor, driving, eyebuddy, eye-care, Glasses, Glasses lenses, glaucoma, old age, opticians, Prescription lenses, Spectacle lenses

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eyebuddy in 2012

eyebuddy have the biggest range of designer glasses and designer sunglasses available online. eyebuddy are sellers of contact lenses, branded lenses such as Zeiss spectacle lenses, eye vitamins and supplements and other miscellaneous items. With a buddy system implemented and minimal advertising, our prices are amazingly cheap. With a virtual try-on and step-by-step order process, buying from eyebuddy couldn't be any simpler and easier. Our fast services and good customer service will ensure you convenience and satisfaction. We hope to be of service to you not just in 2012 but in the many years to come.

eyebuddy.co.uk and the team wishes you a wonderful, 2012.

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Your Greatest Fears

Greatest Fears

Everyone has a fear of something. It could be a fear of an object like stickers, or a living creature such as a spider or a fear of spaces, heights, distances and more.

In the UK, according to studies and reports on fears, the spider was found to top the list. Of all the fears and dangers people could be faced with such as dying or losing a loved one, none compare with the spider. The second most popular fear is of heights. People will admire beautiful landscapes and picturesque city lines but when looking down from a high distance, legs will instantly turn to jelly.

Other fears among the most popular in the UK include a fear of making a public speech or a speech to a large audience. We all know the feeling, worried of making a fool of ourselves in front of hundreds, if not thousands of people. The unusually rare stutters, the "ums" and "errs", the awful silences that seem like minutes when you're trying to remember what you planned to say.

Claustrophobia, a fear of small spaces, is also a very popular fear. Other fears given a mention include ghosts, clowns, going to the dentists, losing a loved one and being alone. One of my greatest fears, however, didn't appear on the list.

We all take vision for granted. We only worry about our eye sight when we realise there is a chance we may lose it, forever. Going blind isn't the end of the world, but losing it will be a painful experience both mentally and emotionally. Imagine not being able to see the faces of your family and friends again. Not being able to see a new addition to your family. Not being able to see the vibrant colours and enjoy some of the lovely landscapes that grace our earth.

To counter my fear of losing my eye sight, I take Macushield eye supplements to aid my eyes in the best possible way. The rich nutrients in Macushield help protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. Also, Macushield contains Meso-Zeaxanthin, a carotenoid directly responsible for clarity of vision. These are just two good reasons out of several of why you should consider taking Macushield eye vitamins. Macushield capsules are suitable for people of all ages, young and old and as they are vitamins, you can take them at any time! Unlike drugs which are usually prescribed to you to treat a certain disease, disorder or injury of some sort. You can get Macushield at extremely cheap prices at eyebuddy!

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Goodbye Itchy & Painful Eyes


Do you suffer from any discomfort when opening or closing your eyelids? Do you get any burning sensations in your eyes or constant itching around the eyes? Do you have crusts or debris on eye lashes? Do you have red eyelids or scaly skin around the eyes?

You may be suffering from Blepharitis, an ocular condition mainly concerning the eyelids. The inflammation of the eyelids causes intense irritation around the eyes. Under these circumstances, it is advisable to maintain the hygiene of your eyelids. Wash your eyes with warm water and keeping the eyes moist. If you use soap, only use facial soap and ensure it is diluted with plenty of water before washing the eyelids. Too much soap can make it worse for your eyes. Avoid using make-up and contact lenses to avoid further discomfort.

If you think you suffer from Blepharitis, do not worry, it is easily treatable. As Blepharitis is a very common condition, there are lots of different treatments available such as Blephaclean wipes or Blephasol solution. These products are easy to administer and are preservative free. This means they are suitable for even the most sensitive of eyes. For further information about Blepharitis and how Blephaclean or Blephasol can help control this ocular condition, you should consult your optician or search online.

Tagged with: Blephaclean, Blepharitis, Blephasol, burning sensations, crusts, debris, eye irritation, eyebuddy, eye-care, eyes, inflammation, itchiness, red eyelids, scaly skin

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Eyewear Perfect for Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011 is fast approaching and we have selected the perfect eyewear as a gift for anybody! Sifting through our entire collection of designer glasses and designer sunglasses, we have picked out certain eyewear frames which we feel are special, fashionable and will make a fantastic christmas gift for 2011. If you want any of these frames, you should order them quickly as depending on the frame, some are limited in stock or the waiting time may increase the closer you get to Christmas!!

Christmas Glasses 2011

Christmas Sunglasses 2011

Tagged with: 2011, Christmas, Designer glasses, Designer sunglasses, eyebuddy, Fashion, Glasses, Sunglasses, Trends

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Contact Lenses over Glasses

Buy Contact Lenses at Eyebuddy

Glasses can be a hindrance at times. There are simply too many disadvantages when compared to contact lenses.

For example, the frame of spectacles has been designed to obstruct as little of your vision yet it still does to an extent. Another example is the distance between the eye and lens of glasses and contact lenses. The small gap of distance for glasses can sometimes cause a distortion in the vision which doesn't happen with contact lenses. This is one of the advantages of contact lenses; vision is complete, more efficient and can offer better precision. Contact lenses are often favoured by those where their job or sports activity requires a fuller vision for higher degrees of precision.

There are limitations to wearing glasses. Sometimes a prescription is unsuitable for glasses, meaning contact lenses are the better alternative and choice. There are a lot of unwanted properties that happen to glasses but not to contact lenses. Glasses may fog up with sudden temperature change. Dust, hair and unwanted particles may stick to the lens of the specs. Rain water leaves droplets across the lenses obstructing the view.

Some people find wearing glasses a nuisance. They're constantly worried they may fall off and be damaged in the process. Others aren't so impressed by a constant weight pushing down on their face. It's not the most comfortable feeling at first but you gradually learn to accept it.

Image plays a huge part in our society and people don't want to look bad in front of other people. Sometimes people find it difficult to find a pair of glasses that suits the look and personality of the wearer. It can be quite a tedious process in trying out many pairs until you find one you're just about satisfied with. Very time consuming indeed, for some.

Once you do own a pair of spectacles, it's also a matter of finding the correct attire to wear. To dress for the occasion, you want to dress sensibly, in style and in colour. As image is everything, many hours of preparation are used (or wasted) in deciding if a white shirt matches your black frames or whether to go for a coloured shirt as you don't want to look like a restaurant waiter. Isn't it simpler just to wear contact lenses and be natural?

So save time, save money and save face. Get yourself a contact lens prescription from your Opticians and come to eyebuddy to buy contact lenses! Contact lenses aren't more expensive than glasses. It's all debatable but with simple working out, you can decide what’s best and cheapest for you!

Tagged with: Contact lens prescription, Contact lenses, eyebuddy, Glasses, Glasses lenses, Prescription

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Seiko Lenses

The founder and history of SEIKO began in Tokyo in Japan as a watch and jewellery company back in 1881, but it wasn't until 1924 that the first watches were produced under the SEIKO brand. In the 1970s, SEIKO commenced work with SEIKO spectacle lenses. Their lens market grew progressively and their product is now being sold in over 30 countries world wide including the UK.

SEIKO in the Japanese language translates to "precision" but their company's history gives it the meaning of "exquisite" and "success". They claim their passion for precision being applied to the design and manufacture of all their products gives it a robust and sophisticated feel, whilst being extremely reliable. SEIKO work hard making sure all their products are in top quality and remain that way throughout its lifetime.

The brand SEIKO is world renown for their watches. They were worn in various well known films including James Bond 007 and "The Bourne Identity". However, their lens department have been growing reasonably well allowing SEIKO to be able to compete with some of their biggest competitors in the lens market. By concentrating on precision, quality, thinness and being lightweight, SEIKO promises their lens to be beautiful and comfortable for the eyes. They offer lens variations according to your eyesight and purpose and insist they can help with vision corrections for myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia and presbyopia.

SEIKO glasses lenses are available in standard, thin, extra thin, ultra thin, photochromic brown and photochromic grey. Also, you can select further by adding coatings such as anti-scratch hard coating or anti-reflective coating to your needs. SEIKO lenses are highly recommended by many opticians world wide.

Tagged with: astigmatism, coatings, eyebuddy, Glasses lenses, hyperopia, James Bond, lenses, myopia, presbyopia, Prescription lenses, Seiko, Seiko glasses lenses, Seiko prescription lenses, Seiko spectacle lenses, Seiko watches, Spectacle lenses

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Back in Trend 2011: Bright coloured designer sunglasses

The summer season is fast approaching and this year it has been predicted to be the hottest summer yet! Early preparation will help you avoid suffering in the searing heat as the sun will be roaring down whichever destination you choose.

Sun cream lotion, check. Suitable clothing, check. Sunglasses, nope?

If you haven’t gotten your hands on a pair of sunglasses or you’re unsure what pair to buy then let eyebuddy help you decide!

UV Protection

The first and most important thing to be aware of is to ensure your sunglasses offer 100% UV protection. This is to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays the sun emits. You don’t want sunglasses that block 33% or 80% of the harmful UV rays. You want to go for maximum safety, therefore 100% UV protection is highly recommended and at eyebuddy, all our sunglasses are 100% UV protection guaranteed.

Colour & Trend

In previous years, dark colours were setting the trend for designer sunglasses such as the traditional blacks, browns and gun metals. In 2011, however, fashion experts have predicted a return of bright colours for clothes, designer shoes and designer sunglasses. With such a beautiful summer to come, people want to embrace the warmness by going simple but original in style and colour.

So far this year, people have been targeting warmer colours such as taupe, pink, mauve and lavender. An alternative to these fair colours would be white framed designer sunglasses which match well with the current trending fair coloured dresses for summer.

Brand name

Some of the biggest designer brand names in the sunglasses industry are Ray-Ban, Oakley, Maui Jim and Dior. They’re always coming up with new innovative designs to match the current trending fashion styles and colours. There are plenty of other well known sunglasses brands such as Nike, Miu Miu, D&G, Jimmy Choo, Bvlgari, Police, etc … but one of the brands that have grown considerably and been very successful in 2011 in the UK is Tom Ford. The brand’s concept is perfectly suited to the Anglo-American look and the popularity associated with Tom Ford designer sunglasses is rising at an incredible rate. They have been described as clean, elegant, chic and original.


The media fascination with celebrities has turned them all into potential fashion idols. A lot of people are influenced by what certain celebrities wear and want to model themselves with similar fashion styles. In the recent James Bond films, Daniel Craig has been seen wearing Tom Ford and Persol designer brand sunglasses which led to an influx of orders for identical models. Ray-Ban Wayfarers have always been a big favourite among celebrities. To name a few, those spotted wearing them include actress Jessica Alba, singer Katy Perry (seen above), singer Rihanna (seen above) and British singer Tinie Tempah. Ray-Ban Wayfarer models can be searched on eyebuddy by searching for "Wayfarer" in our search bar at the top.


Optician, The Weekly Journal for Eye Care Professionals - 18.03.11

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How to invite the best eyebuddies

To make the most of our buddy system and attain as much discount as possible, you need to register with us and send invitations to your friends. If your friends make purchases with us, your discounts and savings will increase. Further more, your future purchases will also affect your friend’s discounts and savings. For more information about how our buddy system works, please read here. eyebuddy have devised an interesting system where you have control of your discounts and savings when buying glasses online from us.

The big question is how do you invite the best eyebuddies? Not everyone you invite will register with us. Not everyone you invite will buy from us. Let’s be honest, most of the people who see the email invitation you sent will assume it is spam mail and delete without even reading it. Therefore we have come up with a couple of tips on how to invite the best eyebuddies to eyebuddy.

Tip #1 – Seek out potential buddies

Begin by drawing up a list of friends and family who wear glasses. They are people who are quite likely to purchase a new pair of prescription glasses in the future. Build on your list by adding friends or family who you have been on holiday with recently. Do you remember any of them wearing sunglasses or snow goggles? eyebuddy have a fantastic range of designer sunglasses that may appeal to them. Lastly, add any names of any contact lens wearers that you may know of. If you know someone who used to wear specs regularly but now no longer does, they may have changed to contacts. They may have had laser eye surgery or alternatives, but you can always ask to be sure.

Tip #2 – Talk to them

Now that you have a list of possible eyebuddies, you want to learn more about where they purchased their eyewear. Ask them where they bought their designer glasses, designer sunglasses or contact lenses. Find out what model their eyewear is (so you can search for it on the web). You can even ask if they remember or know how much they cost. If you have any friends or family going on holiday soon, you can tell them about eyebuddy’s range of sunglasses. If they’re interested, you can invite them and tell them to register through the email!

Tip #3 – Homework

Now you have the model, brand, and price and where they bought it from, you can compare the price they paid with our prices. Our default discount upon registering is just 15%, but with a little help from buddies you can reach 40%. For example, if you find a pair of frames that costs £100 without discount at eyebuddy, by registering you now pay £85. If all your buddies help you, you now pay £60. Does your homework show eyebuddy’s price to be cheaper? If yes, you can help us by spreading the word to your friends and family! Word of mouth can work wonders.

Tip #4 – Word of Mouth

If eyebuddy’s prices are indeed cheaper than its competitors, why not spread the word to your list of names? If your father tells you he got his wonderful glasses from his local opticians for £200 and you find the exact same frame could be bought from eyebuddy for £85, tell him! Everyone loves a bargain; everyone wants savings and plenty of it! Once they’re aware they could save a lot of money by buying glasses direct from eyebuddy, tell them you will send them an invitation by email and tell them to register through it.

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Awareness of Numbers, Prices and Savings

Numbers are part of our life. It’s one of the first things we learn at a young age. We’ll use it until the day we die. Numbers surround us in statistics, calculations, finance and time. The big question is how aware of numbers are you?

Did you know?

Instead of raising the price of chocolate bars (which usually doesn’t bode well with customers), chocolate companies have decided to reduce the amount of chocolate per bar but charge you the same price for it.

Some companies sell their own products as “buy 4 items and get 2 free” but in reality, you’re not actually getting anything free. The company has always been selling 6 for the same price, the only difference is buyers are fooled into thinking they got a deal getting 2 items free.

Most people assume buying a product in a larger pack is always cheaper. The fact is, this is not always the case and some people are unaware of this.

True or False?

  1. A supermarket sold a tin of sweetcorn for 55p but when you buy 4 of them (in a multipack) it costs an extra 19p at £2.39.
  2. Packaging of food greatly affects the prices of food products.
  3. You don’t get more when you buy products labelled with “50% extra free”.
  4. A supermarket sold packets of peas under the banner “3 for the price of 3”.
  5. A supermarket sold a 200g coffee product for £5.79 yet 100g of the same product for £2 each.

The answers are below.

  1. True, and both recorded sales. There was no official report on which was the more popular deal.
  2. True, a company sold bananas individually wrapped at four-fold the price each banana was normally worth.
  3. False, a company is not allowed to falsely advertise and it is considered illegal in most countries.
  4. False, completely made up but if it’s true then by all means contact us!.
  5. True, again there was no official report on which was more popular with customers.

Don’t be fooled

A lot of companies are clever. They know a deal is what catches a person’s eye. Print out a “3 for the price of 2” and you’ve instantly caught yourself some attention even before they know what the product is! A company selling a 2 litre bottle of cola for £2 may not get many sales. Instead they sell 500ml bottles of the same coke cola for 67p each with an offer of “buy 3 get 1 free”. A lot of people see this as a deal and may be influenced to buy thinking they’ve made a saving. In reality, you’re getting similar amounts for similar prices. Obviously we are not including external reasons for buying 4 bottles over 1 large one.

Discounts you can control!

At eyebuddy, we’re not trying to entice you using devious tricks. At eyebuddy we list you the average price for products that can be found at your local high street optician*. We give you your eyebuddy discounted price, and this discounted price will continue to fall the more you utilise our buddy system. No trickery at all when you have control of the numbers. Cheapest glasses online, big savings and online glasses shopping made easy! Just the way it should be!

* prices may vary depending on the location of your local high street optician.

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True or False: An Eye Opener

  1. The size of your eye when you were a baby and now are the same.
  2. It is safe to look directly at an eclipse with the naked eye.
  3. Students pour a shot of vodka into their eyes to achieve an instant high.
  4. Around 10 million people in the world are classified as completely blind.
  5. People can adjust to wearing inverted glasses (upside down vision).
  6. The eye is unable to see the surface of a black hole unassisted.

1. True
The eyes of a baby seem large because the rest of the body has not grown yet. For this reason, the baby eyes are often a huge talking point when describing the baby. People love abnormal baby body sizes such as the huge head in comparison to the body, the large glowing eyes, the chubby cheeks, etc.
(sources: answers.yahoo.com)

2. False
The body has an inbuilt protection system that makes your eye lids close when it is exposed to something dangerous in order to minimise further damage. This happens when you look at the sun; the glare and UV rays trigger this. An eclipse doesn’t completely block the glare of the sun. Safe methods for looking at the sun and eclipse include specially made filters for cameras, projections made by techniques including pinholes and secondary screens or images such as printed pictures. Sunglasses are not made for staring at the sun or eclipse.
(sources: wiki.answer.com)

3. True
Known as vodka eyeballing. It’s not a common practice but is growing in popularity as students seek more extreme ways to enjoy and amuse them. Students do this as it is considered a quicker way to get drunk. This is not a safe practice and is dangerous according to people in the ophthalmic world. Vodka eyeballing can cause eye complications; can lead to blindness or even death although this has not been confirmed.
(sources: dailymail.co.uk)

4. False
The number of people in the world classed as completely blind is over 45 million. This does not include the partially blind (which would raise the total to over 300 million). To put this number into perspective, the approximate population of England is around 60 million. The main causes of blindness are treatable diseases that could have been avoided or treated had people had access to the help, facilities, money, specialists and more. There are fantastic eye vitamins which provide the nutrients your eyes need to help avoid or treat eye diseases such as MacuShield. For more information about eating heathily, click here. For more information about MacuShield, click here.
(sources: rednoseday.com)

5. True
With normal eyesight and no enhancements (no changes to your vision), image upon the retina is inverted. Your brain receives and visualises the images from your eyes upside down. Using this fact, Stratton and Kohler did experiments with inverted glasses to see the effects on the eyes and brain. Movement co-ordination for Kohler and Stratton was difficult at first but after a few days of wearing the inverted glasses, they were able to function normally and even managed to ride a bicycle.
(sources: wearcam.org)

6. True
Keeping it simple, your eyes work by light entering the eye through the cornea and pupil. This light is converted by the brain into an image and this becomes your vision. Black holes don’t reflect light as light can not escape it. This doesn’t mean you can’t detect or see black holes. It’s still possible under certain conditions or with special equipment.
(sources: physicsforum.com)

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Cheapest contact lenses - SofLens daily disposables!

This offer has ended.

Buy SofLens daily disposable (180 Lenses - 6 boxes of 30)
Buy SofLens daily disposable for Astigmatism (180 Lenses - 6 boxes of 30)

eyebuddy sell SofLens daily disposable contact lenses from 11p a day (22p for both eyes). This unbelievable offer is totally genuine! The high-street offers 6 boxes (6 month supply per eye) for £106.20. If you were to buy from eyebuddy you would pay no more than £28.86 (73% discount on the high-street) and could pay as little as £20.37 (81% discount on the high-street) by inviting 5 people to join eyebuddy.

SofLens contact lenses are made by Bausch & Lomb, a huge and respected manufacturer of contact lenses. They have been in the eye health industry for over 150 years. SofLens daily disposables are premium quality contact lenses made by leading eye experts.

The contact lenses provide exceptionally crisp and clear vision thanks to the aspheric anterior surface reducing the spherical aberration. The reduced mass lens design creates a smooth transition between the mid-peripheral and peripheral zones and facilitates a smooth lens/lid interaction during blinking. Also, the non-ionic hilafilcon B lens material minimizes protein uptake for long-lasting comfort.

SofLens daily disposable contact lenses are incredibly comfortable, provide vivid vision and can cost a BARGAIN of approximately 11p a day. Where else can you find such a ridiculous offer?! By using the eyebuddy’s revolutionary discount system, you can purchase all products at affordably low prices. We also sell SofLens daily disposables for Astigmatism. eyebuddy are an online retailer selling glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, eye vitamins such as MacuShield plus assorted accessories related to eyewear.

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Food for combating eye disorders

Can you imagine life being blind? Being able to see through our eyes should be seen as a privilege. We can be thankful that in this day and age, the advances in technology and knowledge is so great that we know a great deal more about our eyes, vision, how to protect and maintain them. Yet the number of people going blind is increasing. Researchers have released an astounding fact that in 90% of cases where people go blind, they were actually preventable.

The three most common diseases/disorders that can cause blindness are cataracts, glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration (AMD). All 3 are age or time related. In most cases, people can be. You can help prevent or delay the oncoming of disorders by monitoring what you eat. Nutritional value is very important as different foods contain vitamins and nutrients essential for combating any deficiencies of the body.

Doctors and health experts recommend food containing vitamin A, B, C and E, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Meso-zeaxanthin, zinc and magnesium to be great for the eyes. They say it helps prevent or delay the progress of the diseases/disorders.

Foods with:

Vitamin A: Pig liver, cod liver oil, carrots, sweet potato, spinach, kale, butter.
Vitamin B: Spinach, kale, milk, meat, liver, eggs, cheese, peas, fish, brown rice, butter.
Vitamin C: Sweet red pepper, strawberries, orange, brussel sprouts, broccoli, grapefruit.
Vitamin E: Almonds, hazelnuts, sweet potato, mayonnaise, wheat germ oil, margarine.
Lutein: Kale, collard greens, spinach, cress leaf, swiss chard, chicory leaf, parsley, red pepper.
Zeaxanthin: Collard greens, kale, spinach, yellow corn, orange peppers, goji berries.
Meso-zeaxanthin: Prawns, fish.
Zinc: Red meat, poultry, crab, lobster, nuts, beans, milk, yoghurt, cheese.
Magnesium: Artichoke, milk, nuts, beans, spinach, tomato.

The alternative to getting your intake from food would be vitamin and supplement tablets. These are vitamins manufactured to cover the most important nutrients your eyes require in sufficient quantity. Macusan, Ocuvite and MacuShield are 3 particular vitamin supplements. MacuShield is especially great for AMD but good for eyes generally as it contains Meso-zeaxanthin, the core compound for vision.

With many foods, super foods and vitamin supplements available you should eat these to keep your eyes healthy. They do not guarantee eye disorder protection as some disorders are genetic or happens due to aging but at least they can delay the progress of the diseases. Don’t wait until you see symptoms of eye disorders before you decide to act. Sometimes it may be too late, especially so with glaucoma. Glaucoma makes your vision deteriorate over a long period of time so change is not easily detectable. By the time you’ve noticed, the lost vision cannot be restored. Eat healthily and get your eyes checked regularly at the opticians.

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What sunglasses should I buy?

What sunglasses should I buy?

People often look for different qualities in sunglasses such as purpose, comfort, optical quality, UV protection, weight, warranty, price and brand.

Define 'purpose'.

For example, outdoor sportsmen often wear nylon frame sunglasses (flexible frames that don’t snap easily when pressure is applied). There are plenty of sunglasses in various shapes, sizes and colours if you are looking for fashion. If you want sunglasses for sunbathing or hiding your identity, you should go for wide frame sunglasses.

Can you elaborate on comfort?

Think of your clothes. If they are too large and baggy or too small and short, you’ll end up fidgeting with it. It’s the same story with sunglasses. You want a pair that fit well on your head. The nose bridge is also important as they help relieve pressure on your nose and cheeks. The height of the nose bridge is dependent on the size of your nose. Bigger noses need lower bridges, smaller noses need high bridges.

What do you mean by optical quality?

The clarity of vision, contrast and colour distortion of sunglasses. There are many coloured lenses with differing intensities. Grey and green lenses are neutral lenses with no colour distortion. Turquoise lenses increase contrast enhancement without colour distortion. Brown, yellow and orange lenses increase contrast enhancement but have some colour distortion. Blue and purple lenses are for fashion purposes. As for colour intensities, the darker the lens, the less light will pass through. Last of all, glass lenses offer better visual clarity compared with plastic.

What should I know about UV protection?

Not all sunglasses offer the same amount of UV protection. The European Union require sunglasses to have 95% UV protection (this means reflect or block 95% of the harmful UV rays emitted from the sun). Most opticians would recommend 99-100% (also known as UV400). There is no relation between the price of sunglasses and the amount of UV protection. The best sunglasses for UV protection are wide frame sunglasses with lenses that cover the whole of the eye area. A lot of designer brands are UV400 and have these large round frames for sale.

How about the weight of sunglasses?

The weight of the sunglasses depends on the frame and lens. Frames made of metal are heavier than plastic or nylon but there are lightweight titanium metal frames. For lenses, glass lenses are heavier than plastic. Heavy sunglasses will often leave indentation marks on the face upon removal.

What’s the difference between glass and plastic lenses?

The only advantage glass lenses have over plastic lenses is the better clarity of vision. Plastic lenses are lighter than glass, will not smash apart as easily and can be made much thinner.

Anything else you think I should know?

These are probably useless facts to you and me, but it makes an interesting read. Most people admit the look of the sunglasses is the biggest factor when deciding which one to buy. Some people wear sunglasses indoors not because they want the attention but rather, they just don’t want to make eye contact during a conversation. The biggest problem associated with sunglasses is misplacing them and forgetting where they’ve been laid. This is especially common on holiday, so take care when you have a good pair of designer sunglasses. You don't want to lose them!

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FIVE reasons why STUDENTS should wear GLASSES and SUNGLASSES

  • Changing appearance

    You don’t need bad vision to wear glasses. Whoever said you did? Glasses are a fashion tool. You want to look sexy, sophisticated, geeky, cute, cool or regular plain; glasses are the answer! Putting makeup on can only do so much, glasses can help enhance the look you want. Students are always out and about, we all want to look good in front of others right? Who doesn’t?! If you’re someone who doesn’t usually wear glasses, try them out. Instant attention success!

  • Sleeping in class

    Student life, most people have been there. Socialising, partying, drinking, lectures and then there’s … well … sleeping. After a heavy night of partying, you’ve somehow managed to drag yourself to an early morning lecture. Just like everyone else you’re half awake, about to drift off but afraid of being caught and thrown out by the lecturer. Here’s the solution, get yourself a pair of wide frame sunglasses! Now you can relax and doze off looking perfectly cool and in the zone!

  • Heavy partying

    After a long and, perhaps in some cases uninspiring day at uni, you need to chill and let loose. You head off to a night club and after a few hours of drinking, your inhibitions have lowered. You wake up the next day full of regret but fear not! As always, we offer you some awesome solutions! First of all, ditch those beer goggles of yours. Everyone knows they’re rubbish for your eyesight! Get real specs! You’ll see a lot better and hopefully you won’t make the same mistake next time. Don’t let them get lucky again. You deserve better!

  • Holiday sunbathing

    It’s been known that students somehow manage to go on holidays together despite the cost. When students do go, it’s may be to Ibiza or Ayia Napa because of the sun, partying, alcohol and music (perhaps students learn this genetically). When you’re not sleeping or partying, you’re probably on the beach sunbathing. Make sure you’re wearing sunglasses. Your eyes are important so look after them! The effects of UV are very strong and the UV protection feature of quality sunglasses is often over-looked.

  • Most obvious

    This bullet point is probably the most blindingly obvious. Apologies for the awful gag. If you’ve been reading this blog with your face almost kissing the screen, chances are you need to wear spectacles. If that is the case, please see your local optician as soon as possible for an eye-test.

On a final note eyebuddy would like to state they are not liable for; your inability to attain instant attention success when wearing glasses; you still ending up being thrown out of the lecture because your sunglasses illusion didn’t fool the lecturer; you getting beer goggles again even after you got some new glasses; any eye-related problems you got from holiday because your sunglasses do not provide UV protection, get a pair of designer sunglasses instead or consult your opticians for their advice before going; stress to your eyes because you were reading this blog too close to the screen. Get yourself to an optician right this instant!

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Word of Mouth, the power of words

One of the most important things in the world is communication. Just imagine a world where communication was ceased. We would be living in such a dead world, if living at all. Fortunately for us, there are many ways to communicate with each other. Talking, sign language, body language and reading are just a couple of ways we communicate by.

Many people will agree that the power of words plays a huge influence in our lives. The words that we say or write can have incredible effects on people. Think about the daily news you read, watch or hear. How much of it do you actually believe? It’s true that journalists often write with distorted bias or views based on the editor’s ideals. Whether it’s true or not, it doesn’t stop us reading and believing. That’s how rumours are spread.

Word of mouth, the power of words is behind the creation of rumours. It’s not about how gullible or naïve someone is. In the age of the internet network, rumours can spread across the world within seconds. There was the recent rumour about Facebook, the social network, shutting down in March 2011. People were shocked, scared, confused and even mourning for Facebook. This rumour spread after it was published in a news blog site.

Communication, talking or writing, is generally free. I say generally because there are many pedantic people in this world who would argue their phone bill disagrees with me. Most of us would agree that talking with each other is one of our daily joys in life. Whether it is about the weather, sporting activities over the weekend, complicated issues such as relationships, gossip or just plain chatter about where you got your latest stylish designer glasses from, we all enjoy it.

Word of mouth, the art of passing information to each other, is an ancient technique spanning thousands of years. When people need advice they often sought their family and friends first, and if they’re not the best people to ask they find a professional in the field they require assistance from.

eyebuddy is one of the latest companies to join the band wagon and support ‘Word of Mouth’. By relying on customers spreading the name of eyebuddy to family and friends, we hope to grow and be known this way rather than spend vast sums of money promoting ourselves in expensive advertisements. A lot of companies that advertise themselves regularly recoup the money used for this by marginally increasing the prices of their products and services. This basically means, you, the customer pays for their advertisements. You, the customer pay extra to buy their products or services. At eyebuddy, we don’t choose the route of expensive advertisements. Why should customers pay more for products? By supporting ‘Word of Mouth’, this allows us to sell much cheaper than other shops allowing you, the customer a greater proportion of savings.

If you are satisfied and happy with the services provided by eyebuddy, please help spread the name. The power of words is incredible, but it is only useful when people communicate. This is the eyebuddy way.

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The Best Spectacle Lenses

Did you know that when you buy glasses at the opticians, you’re not limited to the standard lenses they offer for free? A lot of opticians offer branded prescription lenses which are highly recommended by the opticians themselves. Branded Glasses lenses include Carl Zeiss lenses, Seiko lenses, Hoya lenses, Kodak lenses, Essilor lenses, Rodenstock lenses, Pentax lenses (although these are not actually made by Pentax, but are basic Specsavers’ lenses – they simply pay to license the brand name) and more.

Branded prescription lenses are typically better than standard ones in numerous ways ranging from thickness of lens to the materials used to make the lens. The companies that manufacture the branded optical lenses usually have state-of-the-art equipment to produce not only high quality lenses but also a greater range of them. By offering a greater choice of lenses, customers can enjoy the satisfaction of selecting the type of lens they want.

A short description by the brands about themselves:

Seiko Glasses lenses are manufactured to be very thin and light.
Kodak provides lenses showing vibrant colours and great detail.
Zeiss Glasses lenses can be reduced by up to 40% thickness compared with standard lenses.
Hoya optical lenses among latest lens designs to enhance visual comfort.
Essilor offers quality solutions for every prescription lens requirement.
Rodenstock utilises innovative solutions so vision can remain natural and comfortable.
Pentax glasses lenses are not made by Pentax but refer to Specsavers’ own brand of lenses (as above).

Why go for standard lenses when quality lenses are available? Vision is very important to us. Don’t be contempt with regular lenses that provide minimal benefits, go for branded prescription lenses. These are lenses which experts research, design and manufacture for the best of your eyes. A lot of the companies that manufacture the optical lenses also make lenses for other industries including the camera photography industry and medical equipment health industries. This means a lot of these companies have vast amounts of knowledge and experience in manufacturing lenses and can provide you with the ideal spectacle lenses.

At eyebuddy we sell Zeiss lenses, Seiko lenses, Hoya lenses, Kodak lenses, Essilor lenses and Rodenstock lenses of differing thinness. We have the choice of photochromic brown and photochromic grey lenses. We also offer coatings including anti-scratch hard coats, anti-reflective coats and tints. Be nice to your eyes, you deserve it. Select from our fantastic range of fabulous spectacle lenses and glasses frames at eyebuddy.

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