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Awareness of Numbers, Prices and Savings

Numbers are part of our life. It’s one of the first things we learn at a young age. We’ll use it until the day we die. Numbers surround us in statistics, calculations, finance and time. The big question is how aware of numbers are you?

Did you know?

Instead of raising the price of chocolate bars (which usually doesn’t bode well with customers), chocolate companies have decided to reduce the amount of chocolate per bar but charge you the same price for it.

Some companies sell their own products as “buy 4 items and get 2 free” but in reality, you’re not actually getting anything free. The company has always been selling 6 for the same price, the only difference is buyers are fooled into thinking they got a deal getting 2 items free.

Most people assume buying a product in a larger pack is always cheaper. The fact is, this is not always the case and some people are unaware of this.

True or False?

  1. A supermarket sold a tin of sweetcorn for 55p but when you buy 4 of them (in a multipack) it costs an extra 19p at £2.39.
  2. Packaging of food greatly affects the prices of food products.
  3. You don’t get more when you buy products labelled with “50% extra free”.
  4. A supermarket sold packets of peas under the banner “3 for the price of 3”.
  5. A supermarket sold a 200g coffee product for £5.79 yet 100g of the same product for £2 each.

The answers are below.

  1. True, and both recorded sales. There was no official report on which was the more popular deal.
  2. True, a company sold bananas individually wrapped at four-fold the price each banana was normally worth.
  3. False, a company is not allowed to falsely advertise and it is considered illegal in most countries.
  4. False, completely made up but if it’s true then by all means contact us!.
  5. True, again there was no official report on which was more popular with customers.

Don’t be fooled

A lot of companies are clever. They know a deal is what catches a person’s eye. Print out a “3 for the price of 2” and you’ve instantly caught yourself some attention even before they know what the product is! A company selling a 2 litre bottle of cola for £2 may not get many sales. Instead they sell 500ml bottles of the same coke cola for 67p each with an offer of “buy 3 get 1 free”. A lot of people see this as a deal and may be influenced to buy thinking they’ve made a saving. In reality, you’re getting similar amounts for similar prices. Obviously we are not including external reasons for buying 4 bottles over 1 large one.

Discounts you can control!

At eyebuddy, we’re not trying to entice you using devious tricks. At eyebuddy we list you the average price for products that can be found at your local high street optician*. We give you your eyebuddy discounted price, and this discounted price will continue to fall the more you utilise our buddy system. No trickery at all when you have control of the numbers. Cheapest glasses online, big savings and online glasses shopping made easy! Just the way it should be!

* prices may vary depending on the location of your local high street optician.

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