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Awareness of Numbers, Prices and Savings

Numbers are part of our life. It’s one of the first things we learn at a young age. We’ll use it until the day we die. Numbers surround us in statistics, calculations, finance and time. The big question is how aware of numbers are you?

Did you know?

Instead of raising the price of chocolate bars (which usually doesn’t bode well with customers), chocolate companies have decided to reduce the amount of chocolate per bar but charge you the same price for it.

Some companies sell their own products as “buy 4 items and get 2 free” but in reality, you’re not actually getting anything free. The company has always been selling 6 for the same price, the only difference is buyers are fooled into thinking they got a deal getting 2 items free.

Most people assume buying a product in a larger pack is always cheaper. The fact is, this is not always the case and some people are unaware of this.

True or False?

  1. A supermarket sold a tin of sweetcorn for 55p but when you buy 4 of them (in a multipack) it costs an extra 19p at £2.39.
  2. Packaging of food greatly affects the prices of food products.
  3. You don’t get more when you buy products labelled with “50% extra free”.
  4. A supermarket sold packets of peas under the banner “3 for the price of 3”.
  5. A supermarket sold a 200g coffee product for £5.79 yet 100g of the same product for £2 each.

The answers are below.

  1. True, and both recorded sales. There was no official report on which was the more popular deal.
  2. True, a company sold bananas individually wrapped at four-fold the price each banana was normally worth.
  3. False, a company is not allowed to falsely advertise and it is considered illegal in most countries.
  4. False, completely made up but if it’s true then by all means contact us!.
  5. True, again there was no official report on which was more popular with customers.

Don’t be fooled

A lot of companies are clever. They know a deal is what catches a person’s eye. Print out a “3 for the price of 2” and you’ve instantly caught yourself some attention even before they know what the product is! A company selling a 2 litre bottle of cola for £2 may not get many sales. Instead they sell 500ml bottles of the same coke cola for 67p each with an offer of “buy 3 get 1 free”. A lot of people see this as a deal and may be influenced to buy thinking they’ve made a saving. In reality, you’re getting similar amounts for similar prices. Obviously we are not including external reasons for buying 4 bottles over 1 large one.

Discounts you can control!

At eyebuddy, we’re not trying to entice you using devious tricks. At eyebuddy we list you the average price for products that can be found at your local high street optician*. We give you your eyebuddy discounted price, and this discounted price will continue to fall the more you utilise our buddy system. No trickery at all when you have control of the numbers. Cheapest glasses online, big savings and online glasses shopping made easy! Just the way it should be!

* prices may vary depending on the location of your local high street optician.

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Word of Mouth, the power of words

One of the most important things in the world is communication. Just imagine a world where communication was ceased. We would be living in such a dead world, if living at all. Fortunately for us, there are many ways to communicate with each other. Talking, sign language, body language and reading are just a couple of ways we communicate by.

Many people will agree that the power of words plays a huge influence in our lives. The words that we say or write can have incredible effects on people. Think about the daily news you read, watch or hear. How much of it do you actually believe? It’s true that journalists often write with distorted bias or views based on the editor’s ideals. Whether it’s true or not, it doesn’t stop us reading and believing. That’s how rumours are spread.

Word of mouth, the power of words is behind the creation of rumours. It’s not about how gullible or naïve someone is. In the age of the internet network, rumours can spread across the world within seconds. There was the recent rumour about Facebook, the social network, shutting down in March 2011. People were shocked, scared, confused and even mourning for Facebook. This rumour spread after it was published in a news blog site.

Communication, talking or writing, is generally free. I say generally because there are many pedantic people in this world who would argue their phone bill disagrees with me. Most of us would agree that talking with each other is one of our daily joys in life. Whether it is about the weather, sporting activities over the weekend, complicated issues such as relationships, gossip or just plain chatter about where you got your latest stylish designer glasses from, we all enjoy it.

Word of mouth, the art of passing information to each other, is an ancient technique spanning thousands of years. When people need advice they often sought their family and friends first, and if they’re not the best people to ask they find a professional in the field they require assistance from.

eyebuddy is one of the latest companies to join the band wagon and support ‘Word of Mouth’. By relying on customers spreading the name of eyebuddy to family and friends, we hope to grow and be known this way rather than spend vast sums of money promoting ourselves in expensive advertisements. A lot of companies that advertise themselves regularly recoup the money used for this by marginally increasing the prices of their products and services. This basically means, you, the customer pays for their advertisements. You, the customer pay extra to buy their products or services. At eyebuddy, we don’t choose the route of expensive advertisements. Why should customers pay more for products? By supporting ‘Word of Mouth’, this allows us to sell much cheaper than other shops allowing you, the customer a greater proportion of savings.

If you are satisfied and happy with the services provided by eyebuddy, please help spread the name. The power of words is incredible, but it is only useful when people communicate. This is the eyebuddy way.

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Why don't you want free money?

If I said, “I’ll give you £5 for free if you read this to the end”, would you? How about if I added, “no strings attached”? Still not convinced? You’re probably thinking it’s too good to be true. For such a ludicrous offer, there has to be a catch somewhere. Is there something that would benefit me, am I looking to gain something? Back to reality please, we’re talking about you and the free fiver, not about me. If you want something valuable, however, I insist you continue reading to the end.

I’m no story teller but let’s change the idea and scenery. You’re walking alone along a busy street full of people you don’t know. You’re just trying to mind your own business attempting to avoid eye contact with strangers. All of a sudden, your eyes are transfixed on a person wearing a white board with the words, 'ASK ME FOR £5 AND IT’S YOURS' written on it.

Would you ask? Yes? No? Back to reality, it’s always easier to decide in this situation when you’re not actually faced with it. I’m not talking about life and death situations. I’m talking free money, getting a free fiver. How about we make this idea a reality? For those of you relishing the opportunity of taking part in this experiment because you want the fiver, my apologies. I’m no scientist but I can announce this experiment was carried out in London during November 2010.

For 4 hours, a guy wearing a huge white board advertising his offer of free money walked along a busy pedestrian street. Giving meaning to, “does what it says on the tin”, he gave £5 to every person who asked for it. Want to hazard a guess at the number of people who thought outside the box and decided to ask?

Unfortunately I can’t reveal the answer to you. No one really believes statistics anyway, so no one would believe 2,719 people walked past him without a word and only 16 people asked. Ideas and excuses are probably churning up in your mind as you read this. “Maybe those 2,719 people don’t need the money?” or “they were just minding their own business” are just 2 possible reasons you may have thought up along with several more. One of the more plausible reasons would be that people distrust the idea of getting something for nothing. I’m no psychologist but I enjoy saying something controversial like that every now and then. Click here to view the video of the experiment.

To conclude, sometimes giving people free money is simply too difficult. So I’ve decided to lend you my wisdom. In all this doom and gloom, economic crisis and bad weather, if someone wants to give you free money, please take it. It’s a hard ask, I know.

Many people advertise about their products and deals, but they spend money to advertise. They increase the prices of their products by a margin to recoup what they spent on advertising. In other words, you pay for their advertising. At eyebuddy, however, we minimise advertising expenditure and pass the savings onto you for your ‘word of mouth’. As a result, the prices of our designer glasses and designer sunglasses are consistently low. Best of all, with our eyebuddy revolution system, you just continue to save, save and save. You save so much it’s almost the same as giving you free money.

Hopefully you’ll have gained something from reading this blog. If you have any comments, be sure to let me know as I’m no mind reader. I’m just a writer.

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