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Posted in: Fashion , Glasses, Humour, Sunglasses 1 Comments

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FIVE reasons why STUDENTS should wear GLASSES and SUNGLASSES

  • Changing appearance

    You don’t need bad vision to wear glasses. Whoever said you did? Glasses are a fashion tool. You want to look sexy, sophisticated, geeky, cute, cool or regular plain; glasses are the answer! Putting makeup on can only do so much, glasses can help enhance the look you want. Students are always out and about, we all want to look good in front of others right? Who doesn’t?! If you’re someone who doesn’t usually wear glasses, try them out. Instant attention success!

  • Sleeping in class

    Student life, most people have been there. Socialising, partying, drinking, lectures and then there’s … well … sleeping. After a heavy night of partying, you’ve somehow managed to drag yourself to an early morning lecture. Just like everyone else you’re half awake, about to drift off but afraid of being caught and thrown out by the lecturer. Here’s the solution, get yourself a pair of wide frame sunglasses! Now you can relax and doze off looking perfectly cool and in the zone!

  • Heavy partying

    After a long and, perhaps in some cases uninspiring day at uni, you need to chill and let loose. You head off to a night club and after a few hours of drinking, your inhibitions have lowered. You wake up the next day full of regret but fear not! As always, we offer you some awesome solutions! First of all, ditch those beer goggles of yours. Everyone knows they’re rubbish for your eyesight! Get real specs! You’ll see a lot better and hopefully you won’t make the same mistake next time. Don’t let them get lucky again. You deserve better!

  • Holiday sunbathing

    It’s been known that students somehow manage to go on holidays together despite the cost. When students do go, it’s may be to Ibiza or Ayia Napa because of the sun, partying, alcohol and music (perhaps students learn this genetically). When you’re not sleeping or partying, you’re probably on the beach sunbathing. Make sure you’re wearing sunglasses. Your eyes are important so look after them! The effects of UV are very strong and the UV protection feature of quality sunglasses is often over-looked.

  • Most obvious

    This bullet point is probably the most blindingly obvious. Apologies for the awful gag. If you’ve been reading this blog with your face almost kissing the screen, chances are you need to wear spectacles. If that is the case, please see your local optician as soon as possible for an eye-test.

On a final note eyebuddy would like to state they are not liable for; your inability to attain instant attention success when wearing glasses; you still ending up being thrown out of the lecture because your sunglasses illusion didn’t fool the lecturer; you getting beer goggles again even after you got some new glasses; any eye-related problems you got from holiday because your sunglasses do not provide UV protection, get a pair of designer sunglasses instead or consult your opticians for their advice before going; stress to your eyes because you were reading this blog too close to the screen. Get yourself to an optician right this instant!

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