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What are polarised lenses

Polarised Lenses

A lot of objects can reflect light. Some of the light is horizontally polarised and some vertically polarised, depending on the angle the light is hitting the object. The light that reflects from an object which obstructs our view is known as glare. Usually it is an intense ray of reflected light, often horizontally polarised. Polarised lenses in designer sunglasses contain a special filter that reduces the horizontally polarised light. Objects that can reflect such light include water, snow and glass.

People who enjoy a lot of water related activities such as fishing will feel the fuller benefits of polarised sunglasses. As water reflects light, it makes it difficult for fishermen and fisherwomen to see under the water. Polarised sunglasses remove or at least reduce some of the glare making the water seem clearer.

Snow, similar to water can reflect light. This is very dangerous for people who are actively partaking in snow based activities such as skiing. Skiing is already a high risk activity. Skiers have enough to deal with when it comes to the ice, hidden dangers, slopes and more. Polarised lenses are highly recommended for skiers as by reducing glare, it removes one of the possible risks of injuring yourself. Removing the glare from the snow allows skiers to have better vision ahead allowing them more time to plan ahead as they enjoy themselves. Polarised snow goggles exist for skiing and other similar activities.

Roads reflect a lot of horizontally polarised light which is why polarised sunglasses are recommended for frequent drivers. Drivers don't want to be hindered by sunlight being reflected from the road surface. It's dangerous for drivers if they are unable to have good vision ahead of them. Removing the glare from the road allows better clarity of vision, more time for judgment and can save lives.

The advantages of polarised lenses are that they remove glare, allow the wearer clearer vision under certain conditions, are comfortable for the eyes and selectively decrease the amount of light. Polarised lenses do come with its disadvantages which should be made aware of. The lenses can reduce the visibility of LCD screens used in the dashboard of some cars, bank machines and other equipment and vehicles. Polarization is heavily affected by the angle you look at objects and also by the time of day (the location of the sun). Overall, polarised sunglasses are far more recommended for outdoor activities, especially for exercises, sports or driving.

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Seiko Lenses

The founder and history of SEIKO began in Tokyo in Japan as a watch and jewellery company back in 1881, but it wasn't until 1924 that the first watches were produced under the SEIKO brand. In the 1970s, SEIKO commenced work with SEIKO spectacle lenses. Their lens market grew progressively and their product is now being sold in over 30 countries world wide including the UK.

SEIKO in the Japanese language translates to "precision" but their company's history gives it the meaning of "exquisite" and "success". They claim their passion for precision being applied to the design and manufacture of all their products gives it a robust and sophisticated feel, whilst being extremely reliable. SEIKO work hard making sure all their products are in top quality and remain that way throughout its lifetime.

The brand SEIKO is world renown for their watches. They were worn in various well known films including James Bond 007 and "The Bourne Identity". However, their lens department have been growing reasonably well allowing SEIKO to be able to compete with some of their biggest competitors in the lens market. By concentrating on precision, quality, thinness and being lightweight, SEIKO promises their lens to be beautiful and comfortable for the eyes. They offer lens variations according to your eyesight and purpose and insist they can help with vision corrections for myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia and presbyopia.

SEIKO glasses lenses are available in standard, thin, extra thin, ultra thin, photochromic brown and photochromic grey. Also, you can select further by adding coatings such as anti-scratch hard coating or anti-reflective coating to your needs. SEIKO lenses are highly recommended by many opticians world wide.

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Hoya Lenses - Quality Vision

A Japanese lens company founded back in the 1940s, Hoya have been global manufacturers of optical, photographic and medical-related products. A specialised company working with lenses, they have gradually expanded to incorporate other related products such as cameras and medical tools. Hoya spectacle lenses have been around in the UK for over 30 years.

Hoya have worked with various lens departments including photographic filters for cameras, lasers, contact lenses and eyeglass lenses both plastic and glass. Hoya prides itself being one of the few leading manufacturers of photographic filters. In the medical and scientific industry, Hoya has produced some of the latest electro-optical components, often involving light detection and filters. They also manufacture intraocular lenses for cataract surgery.

In 2008, Hoya Corporation merged with Pentax Corporation, another Japanese optics company who were and still are world renowned for their cameras. Although Pentax were advanced with their camera technology, they were not limited to it and had invaluable experience and technology with medical tools such as endoscopes and sport optics such as binoculars and scopes used on rifles. By combining all their knowledge and expertise, Hoya strengthened their grip in the medical and optics industries, whilst keeping the Pentax brand name for their camera products.

Hoya has been producing top Hoya glasses lenses using the best quality lens materials available. In 2011, their new Eyvia 1.74 lens was awarded the prestigious iF award for combining outstanding optical qualities with lightweight and ultra-thin properties. Being international award winners in the optical world is such a fabulous honour to hold. Hoya Lens UK Ltd, the UK’s Hoya lens manufacturer with a production plant in Wrexham in North Wales, encourages consumers to give input so that they can continue to improve their products to suit the consumer’s needs.

If you are interested in Hoya prescription lenses, they can be purchased at eyebuddy (UK) at affordable prices! At eyebuddy we understand that people don’t always want the simple and ordinary. Why go for standard when you can have the best?! Don’t you want to see Hoya vision? eyebuddy are Hoya stockists and offer lenses with several different coatings to suit your vision and satisfaction. Your lenses are waiting.

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What sunglasses should I buy?

What sunglasses should I buy?

People often look for different qualities in sunglasses such as purpose, comfort, optical quality, UV protection, weight, warranty, price and brand.

Define 'purpose'.

For example, outdoor sportsmen often wear nylon frame sunglasses (flexible frames that don’t snap easily when pressure is applied). There are plenty of sunglasses in various shapes, sizes and colours if you are looking for fashion. If you want sunglasses for sunbathing or hiding your identity, you should go for wide frame sunglasses.

Can you elaborate on comfort?

Think of your clothes. If they are too large and baggy or too small and short, you’ll end up fidgeting with it. It’s the same story with sunglasses. You want a pair that fit well on your head. The nose bridge is also important as they help relieve pressure on your nose and cheeks. The height of the nose bridge is dependent on the size of your nose. Bigger noses need lower bridges, smaller noses need high bridges.

What do you mean by optical quality?

The clarity of vision, contrast and colour distortion of sunglasses. There are many coloured lenses with differing intensities. Grey and green lenses are neutral lenses with no colour distortion. Turquoise lenses increase contrast enhancement without colour distortion. Brown, yellow and orange lenses increase contrast enhancement but have some colour distortion. Blue and purple lenses are for fashion purposes. As for colour intensities, the darker the lens, the less light will pass through. Last of all, glass lenses offer better visual clarity compared with plastic.

What should I know about UV protection?

Not all sunglasses offer the same amount of UV protection. The European Union require sunglasses to have 95% UV protection (this means reflect or block 95% of the harmful UV rays emitted from the sun). Most opticians would recommend 99-100% (also known as UV400). There is no relation between the price of sunglasses and the amount of UV protection. The best sunglasses for UV protection are wide frame sunglasses with lenses that cover the whole of the eye area. A lot of designer brands are UV400 and have these large round frames for sale.

How about the weight of sunglasses?

The weight of the sunglasses depends on the frame and lens. Frames made of metal are heavier than plastic or nylon but there are lightweight titanium metal frames. For lenses, glass lenses are heavier than plastic. Heavy sunglasses will often leave indentation marks on the face upon removal.

What’s the difference between glass and plastic lenses?

The only advantage glass lenses have over plastic lenses is the better clarity of vision. Plastic lenses are lighter than glass, will not smash apart as easily and can be made much thinner.

Anything else you think I should know?

These are probably useless facts to you and me, but it makes an interesting read. Most people admit the look of the sunglasses is the biggest factor when deciding which one to buy. Some people wear sunglasses indoors not because they want the attention but rather, they just don’t want to make eye contact during a conversation. The biggest problem associated with sunglasses is misplacing them and forgetting where they’ve been laid. This is especially common on holiday, so take care when you have a good pair of designer sunglasses. You don't want to lose them!

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