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Posts tagged with "Dior"

Posted in: Fashion , Frame Of The Month, Glasses

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Frame Of The Month 2013: November

Frame of the Month November 2013

Welcome to eyebuddy's Frame of the Month 2013 for November! This month we have chosen an elegant and graceful frame. CD3247 Christian Dior (V08 Havana) is our November Frame of the Month. We picked this pair of Christian Dior glasses because of the lovely brown-coloured hue the spectacle frame is skinned with. The beautiful contrasting colours of light and dark browns across the frame makes the frame look smooth and nice on the eye. The Christian Dior 3247 designer glasses is made from strengthened plastic so they do not snap easily and are flexible to retain it's shape. A beautifully engraved Dior trademark emblem can be find on the hinges of the Dior eyewear frame. The CD3247 Christian Dior glasses is very stylish, light in weight and is suitable for women of all ages. Check eyebuddy online for more options on designer glasses.

CD3247 Christian Dior glasses

Tagged with: Christian Dior, Designer glasses, Dior, Dior glasses, Glasses

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Back in Trend 2011: Bright coloured designer sunglasses

The summer season is fast approaching and this year it has been predicted to be the hottest summer yet! Early preparation will help you avoid suffering in the searing heat as the sun will be roaring down whichever destination you choose.

Sun cream lotion, check. Suitable clothing, check. Sunglasses, nope?

If you haven’t gotten your hands on a pair of sunglasses or you’re unsure what pair to buy then let eyebuddy help you decide!

UV Protection

The first and most important thing to be aware of is to ensure your sunglasses offer 100% UV protection. This is to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays the sun emits. You don’t want sunglasses that block 33% or 80% of the harmful UV rays. You want to go for maximum safety, therefore 100% UV protection is highly recommended and at eyebuddy, all our sunglasses are 100% UV protection guaranteed.

Colour & Trend

In previous years, dark colours were setting the trend for designer sunglasses such as the traditional blacks, browns and gun metals. In 2011, however, fashion experts have predicted a return of bright colours for clothes, designer shoes and designer sunglasses. With such a beautiful summer to come, people want to embrace the warmness by going simple but original in style and colour.

So far this year, people have been targeting warmer colours such as taupe, pink, mauve and lavender. An alternative to these fair colours would be white framed designer sunglasses which match well with the current trending fair coloured dresses for summer.

Brand name

Some of the biggest designer brand names in the sunglasses industry are Ray-Ban, Oakley, Maui Jim and Dior. They’re always coming up with new innovative designs to match the current trending fashion styles and colours. There are plenty of other well known sunglasses brands such as Nike, Miu Miu, D&G, Jimmy Choo, Bvlgari, Police, etc … but one of the brands that have grown considerably and been very successful in 2011 in the UK is Tom Ford. The brand’s concept is perfectly suited to the Anglo-American look and the popularity associated with Tom Ford designer sunglasses is rising at an incredible rate. They have been described as clean, elegant, chic and original.


The media fascination with celebrities has turned them all into potential fashion idols. A lot of people are influenced by what certain celebrities wear and want to model themselves with similar fashion styles. In the recent James Bond films, Daniel Craig has been seen wearing Tom Ford and Persol designer brand sunglasses which led to an influx of orders for identical models. Ray-Ban Wayfarers have always been a big favourite among celebrities. To name a few, those spotted wearing them include actress Jessica Alba, singer Katy Perry (seen above), singer Rihanna (seen above) and British singer Tinie Tempah. Ray-Ban Wayfarer models can be searched on eyebuddy by searching for "Wayfarer" in our search bar at the top.


Optician, The Weekly Journal for Eye Care Professionals - 18.03.11

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Tagged with: 2011, Bvlgari, Christian Dior, Colour, D&G, Daniel Craig, Designer sunglasses, Dior, eyebuddy, Fashion, Jessica Alba, Jimmy Choo, Katy Perry, Maui Jim, Miu Miu, Nike, Oakley, Persol, Police, Ray-Ban, Rihanna, Summer, Sunglasses, Tinie Tempah, Tom Ford, UV rays, Wayfarers

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Geek Chic never grows old

No idea what geek chic is? No worries, I’ll slowly break it to you since it really is that big. It’s pronounced “geek sheek”. It’s been rumoured to turn back time on your appearance. Is it being hailed as the next miracle cure for aging? Not quite, but geek chic is on a completely different level in terms of popularity. Many celebrities and famous people have geek chic and love it. To describe it in a few words I’d say it’s sleek, eye-catching, sophisticated and keeps getting bigger and wider. No, I didn’t describe an iPad. Let me welcome you to the world of fashion, a world where appearance matters. Geek chic fashion is back on trend.

Geek chic fashion is a stereotype of what “geeks” wear, such as thick black rimmed glasses, T-shirts with hidden geek in-jokes, childishly cute accessories, etc. For the fashion world, geek chic glamour is gradually changing. It’s no longer about the geek chic clothes or accessories you wear, it’s about the glasses. The geek chic glasses provide a retro yet simplistic look which beautifully accentuates the curves on your face.

The increasing number of celebrities and well known people seen embracing geek chic glasses and sunglasses have pushed it right back on trend. Fashion icons such as David Beckham, Myleene Klass, Johnny Depp, Gok Wan and Jay-Z are big fans of the geek chic look.

Aiden Grimshaw from the X-Factor 2010 series lovin’ his glasses, it compliments his style very well. So, liking geek chic? If you’re interested in the geek chic look, eyebuddy can help you out! You can try the geek chic look from eyebuddy for as little as £5! Here are a few recommended frames of varying prices:

If you want premium geek chic glasses, why not try Christian Dior, the Black Tie series?
BLACK TIE 77 Christian Dior for £123.01

How about the latest Ray Ban geek chic glasses?
5184 New Wayfarer Ray Ban for £92.83

We always save the best till last, the classic “Bill Garre” frames.
Bill Jean Garre for £5 (and £3.95 P&P)

Geek chic is the latest craze and we have the craziest deals to match. Geek chic classic “Bill Garre” frames start from just £5 complete with prescription lenses. It’s a crazy deal. You’d be crazy to miss it! The style embraced and loved by many, so what are you waiting for? Your glasses are waiting.

Tagged with: Aiden Grimshaw, Bill Garre, Bill Garre glasses, Black Tie, David Beckham, Dior, Dior glasses, Geek chic, Geek chic fashion, Geek chic glamour, Geek chic glasses, Glasses, Gok Wan, Jay-Z, Johnny Depp, Myleene Klass, New Wayfarer, Oakley, Oakley glasses, Prescription lenses, Spectacle lenses, Spectacles, Sunglasses

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