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The Best Spectacle Lenses

Did you know that when you buy glasses at the opticians, you’re not limited to the standard lenses they offer for free? A lot of opticians offer branded prescription lenses which are highly recommended by the opticians themselves. Branded Glasses lenses include Carl Zeiss lenses, Seiko lenses, Hoya lenses, Kodak lenses, Essilor lenses, Rodenstock lenses, Pentax lenses (although these are not actually made by Pentax, but are basic Specsavers’ lenses – they simply pay to license the brand name) and more.

Branded prescription lenses are typically better than standard ones in numerous ways ranging from thickness of lens to the materials used to make the lens. The companies that manufacture the branded optical lenses usually have state-of-the-art equipment to produce not only high quality lenses but also a greater range of them. By offering a greater choice of lenses, customers can enjoy the satisfaction of selecting the type of lens they want.

A short description by the brands about themselves:

Seiko Glasses lenses are manufactured to be very thin and light.
Kodak provides lenses showing vibrant colours and great detail.
Zeiss Glasses lenses can be reduced by up to 40% thickness compared with standard lenses.
Hoya optical lenses among latest lens designs to enhance visual comfort.
Essilor offers quality solutions for every prescription lens requirement.
Rodenstock utilises innovative solutions so vision can remain natural and comfortable.
Pentax glasses lenses are not made by Pentax but refer to Specsavers’ own brand of lenses (as above).

Why go for standard lenses when quality lenses are available? Vision is very important to us. Don’t be contempt with regular lenses that provide minimal benefits, go for branded prescription lenses. These are lenses which experts research, design and manufacture for the best of your eyes. A lot of the companies that manufacture the optical lenses also make lenses for other industries including the camera photography industry and medical equipment health industries. This means a lot of these companies have vast amounts of knowledge and experience in manufacturing lenses and can provide you with the ideal spectacle lenses.

At eyebuddy we sell Zeiss lenses, Seiko lenses, Hoya lenses, Kodak lenses, Essilor lenses and Rodenstock lenses of differing thinness. We have the choice of photochromic brown and photochromic grey lenses. We also offer coatings including anti-scratch hard coats, anti-reflective coats and tints. Be nice to your eyes, you deserve it. Select from our fantastic range of fabulous spectacle lenses and glasses frames at eyebuddy.

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