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AMD Awareness Week

 AMD Awareness Week

AMD Awareness week starts on the 22nd September 2012 and will last a week, finishing on 30th September 2012.

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD or ARMD) is a progressive eye condition which destroys the central focus of your vision. Its devastating effects prevent you from being able to see clearly when you read, drive, watch TV, identify faces, basically any activity that requires you to look forward and focus on it. You do not completely lose your vision, but AMD certainly makes your daily chores a challenge.

AMD is estimated to affect as many as 20% of the aging population worldwide. Although there are certain treatments that can cure AMD to an extent, it is still a very costly treatment. Therefore people should look at ways to prevent AMD rather than treating AMD.

The AMD Awareness week is about getting people more aware of AMD and finding ways to prevent AMD. AMD is caused by several factors such as age, but not all factors are completely out of our hands. One of the biggest cards we hold over AMD is our lifestyle such as smoking, nutrition and exercises.

To prevent AMD with the actions we can control, ideally we should avoid smoking. We should be eating lots of healthy food such as vegetables, green vegetables such as spinach are highly recommended. We should be consuming a balanced diet consisting of fish for their oils and vitamins. The intake of fruits and nuts provide us with sufficient nutrients. Doing regular exercises helps maintain our weight as well as improve our blood flow. This helps keep our blood pressure and cholesterol under control. Experts always recommend us wearing 100% UV protective sunglasses when the sun's out. Finally, having routine eye exams with the opticians are always advisable to ensure our eyes and general health are maintained.

Macushield eye vitamins are great supplements to take for the eyes concerning AMD. Macushield contains 3 important ingredients that work directly with the eyes to improve, maintain and protect the eyes and its visual function. Although Macushield are great for the eyes and sometimes seen as a miracle drug, Macushield eye supplements should not be seen as an alternative to a healthy diet. Macushield isn't even considered a drug, but vitamin and nutrient supplements.

During AMD week 2012, doctors, patients, opticians, caregivers and more will be highlighted through the public awareness campaign on how to prevent AMD and protect our sight.

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