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Blink solutions

eyebuddy are glad to announce that we finally have the impressive Blink eye-drop solutions available for sale! This range of Blink solutions include:

The Blink Refreshing solutions give a much needed boost for the eyes to replenish their natural moisture. Blink Contacts solutions help improve lubrication to remove certain discomfort when wearing contact lenses. Blink Intensive Tears were designed to provide comfort and protection for the eyes that feel dry, irritated and uncomfortable. Blink-n-Clean helps promote lens cleanliness during wear.

The Blink solutions allow you to wear contact lenses more comfortably and for longer periods of time without the irritation. This is why Blink solutions are highly recommended solutions by many respected Opticians in the UK. At eyebuddy, we believe in having quality products available for customers, and we are proud to announce the availability of the range of Blink solutions for sale! We believe we sell the cheapest Blink eye-drop solutions online (in the UK). Come buy Blink solutions from eyebuddy!

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Contact Lenses over Glasses

Buy Contact Lenses at Eyebuddy

Glasses can be a hindrance at times. There are simply too many disadvantages when compared to contact lenses.

For example, the frame of spectacles has been designed to obstruct as little of your vision yet it still does to an extent. Another example is the distance between the eye and lens of glasses and contact lenses. The small gap of distance for glasses can sometimes cause a distortion in the vision which doesn't happen with contact lenses. This is one of the advantages of contact lenses; vision is complete, more efficient and can offer better precision. Contact lenses are often favoured by those where their job or sports activity requires a fuller vision for higher degrees of precision.

There are limitations to wearing glasses. Sometimes a prescription is unsuitable for glasses, meaning contact lenses are the better alternative and choice. There are a lot of unwanted properties that happen to glasses but not to contact lenses. Glasses may fog up with sudden temperature change. Dust, hair and unwanted particles may stick to the lens of the specs. Rain water leaves droplets across the lenses obstructing the view.

Some people find wearing glasses a nuisance. They're constantly worried they may fall off and be damaged in the process. Others aren't so impressed by a constant weight pushing down on their face. It's not the most comfortable feeling at first but you gradually learn to accept it.

Image plays a huge part in our society and people don't want to look bad in front of other people. Sometimes people find it difficult to find a pair of glasses that suits the look and personality of the wearer. It can be quite a tedious process in trying out many pairs until you find one you're just about satisfied with. Very time consuming indeed, for some.

Once you do own a pair of spectacles, it's also a matter of finding the correct attire to wear. To dress for the occasion, you want to dress sensibly, in style and in colour. As image is everything, many hours of preparation are used (or wasted) in deciding if a white shirt matches your black frames or whether to go for a coloured shirt as you don't want to look like a restaurant waiter. Isn't it simpler just to wear contact lenses and be natural?

So save time, save money and save face. Get yourself a contact lens prescription from your Opticians and come to eyebuddy to buy contact lenses! Contact lenses aren't more expensive than glasses. It's all debatable but with simple working out, you can decide what’s best and cheapest for you!

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Cheapest contact lenses - SofLens daily disposables!

This offer has ended.

Buy SofLens daily disposable (180 Lenses - 6 boxes of 30)
Buy SofLens daily disposable for Astigmatism (180 Lenses - 6 boxes of 30)

eyebuddy sell SofLens daily disposable contact lenses from 11p a day (22p for both eyes). This unbelievable offer is totally genuine! The high-street offers 6 boxes (6 month supply per eye) for £106.20. If you were to buy from eyebuddy you would pay no more than £28.86 (73% discount on the high-street) and could pay as little as £20.37 (81% discount on the high-street) by inviting 5 people to join eyebuddy.

SofLens contact lenses are made by Bausch & Lomb, a huge and respected manufacturer of contact lenses. They have been in the eye health industry for over 150 years. SofLens daily disposables are premium quality contact lenses made by leading eye experts.

The contact lenses provide exceptionally crisp and clear vision thanks to the aspheric anterior surface reducing the spherical aberration. The reduced mass lens design creates a smooth transition between the mid-peripheral and peripheral zones and facilitates a smooth lens/lid interaction during blinking. Also, the non-ionic hilafilcon B lens material minimizes protein uptake for long-lasting comfort.

SofLens daily disposable contact lenses are incredibly comfortable, provide vivid vision and can cost a BARGAIN of approximately 11p a day. Where else can you find such a ridiculous offer?! By using the eyebuddy’s revolutionary discount system, you can purchase all products at affordably low prices. We also sell SofLens daily disposables for Astigmatism. eyebuddy are an online retailer selling glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, eye vitamins such as MacuShield plus assorted accessories related to eyewear.

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World's cheapest Acuvue contact lenses

We have recently had reports that eyebuddy is the world's best value for Acuvue contact lenses. We looked into this and think it's true.

If you take a bestselling contact lens such as 1-day Acuvue for example, which has the exact same pricing structure as the rest of eyebuddy’s products. The cheapest competitor we found on the 1st August 2010 was Asda, who charge £30.00 for a month’s supply. They would usually be found on the high-street at around £41.00. Check this out:

  • At eyebuddy, if you just add 5 friends, we charge £14.08 per eye (so £28.16 for both eyes), so you can buy for just one eye or in smaller batches.
  • Then, if your 5 buddies all went on to just register, your eyebuddy price would be £26.40.
  • Then, when those buddies go on to buy; you receive a total of 5% discount for each one for at least the next 2 years. If all 5 go on to buy from eyebuddy (any product over £30), your eyebuddy price would drop to £10.56 per eye.
  • This means that you can get full time where of 1-Day Acuvue for £21.60 per month, which eyebuddy believes is easily the cheapest in the world.
ACUVUE was the original brand of disposable contact lenses and are consistently considered the leaders in disposable contact lens technology. All contact lenses by Acuvue are manaufacutered by Johnson & Johnson contact lenses who employ the highest quality standards. eyebuddy supplies more Acuvue than any other contact lens brand and is delighted dispatched from a Center of Excellence.

Also, look out for other Acuvue lenses. Acuvue Tru-eye are new lenses that are considered as more comfortable by many. I personally have a fairly strong Astigmatism and am delighted Acuvue just extended it's Cyl range of Acuvue Moist, which are very comfortable indeed.

Please ensure you are fitted by a Contact lens optician with the prescription for the lenses you want as the brand and product are both a part of your prescription.

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