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Posted in: Eye Health , General , Sunglasses 0 Comments

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Cheap sunglasses causes allergies?


There was a recent newspaper article in the Daily Mail where a lady bought £1 sunglasses for a holiday. She claimed she had a severe allergic reaction to them which cut short her holiday, and the article is basically about her trying to warn everyone about the perils of wearing "cheap sunglasses".

This article doesn't highlight the correct points of what would have been a more informing and important article. Firstly, the girl is trying to place the blame of her allergy on her sunglasses because they were cheap. This is not correct. The price of the sunglasses has no relevance to her allergy. If someone is allergic to alcohol, it doesn't matter if you pay £5 or £5,000 for the bottle, you will still get an allergic reaction to both. Being cheap or expensive is not the cause of an allergy.

Plastic sunglasses contain dyes and waxes which may or may not have caused the allergy, but all sunglasses contain dyes and waxes, albeit in different amounts. Plastic sunglasses are made from different raw materials, and it just so happened that the sunglasses the girl worn on holiday contained a raw material she was allergic to. Still, allergic reactions to plastic glasses and plastic sunglasses remain rare.

The most important part of the article was the medical experts saying, "The sunglasses do not always offer adequate protection from harmful UV rays (ultraviolet rays) and wearers may be putting their sight at risk." This is very true. A lot of people think the main role of sunglasses is to dim the brightness of sunlight to allow better vision. This concept is wrong. The main role of sunglasses is to provide UV protection against the sun.

UV rays can cause the eyes to age, can induce cataracts, can damage the retina and the lens of the eyes and cause irreversible damage leading to blindness. These are possible results from long term exposure to sunlight. The true role of sunglasses is to protect your eyes, providing them with a layer of protection to reduce or filter out the dangerous UV rays.

The problem with cheap sunglasses is that they may not provide enough or any UV protection. Therefore cheap sunglasses cannot be trusted for this reason. When buying sunglasses, always look for sunglasses that have a wide lens area that can cover as much of the eyes as possible. Light travels and bounces from different directions and angles. Wide rimmed sunglasses can act as a shield from all angles. Last of all, if you don't know what sunglasses offer 100% UV protection, eyebuddy.co.uk only sell designer sunglasses that offer 100% UV protection. Although not as cheap as £1, our designer sunglasses are much better quality. eyebuddy.co.uk are also cheaper than most authentic online sunglasses suppliers.

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