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Pupillary Distance measurement online free, a genuine world first!

Many people are aware that the biggest barrier with buying spectacles online is perhaps the absence of the Pupillary Distance (PD) being included within the eye-test prescription. Your PD is simply the physical distance between your pupils which is very important for positioning lenses when making up spectacles/glasses. An accurate PD is very important to ensure clear vision and without it, your eye-sight may well be blurred, including for single vision glasses. The vertical PD is required for Varifocals and Bifocals and for this you need a vertical PD which should include measurements individual to someone’s face and the actual glasses they are buying.

Written prescriptions are compulsory with an eye test, but this does not apply with PD measurement, much to the dismay of customers who find out they are charged extra for this information. The full aim of an optician, to put it bluntly, is an eyetest followed by the sale of their products. When you have an eye test and buy glasses from the opticians, you are in fact paying for 4 services. Firstly you are paying for a prescription from the optician, secondly you are paying for the PD measurement of your eyes, thirdly you are paying for the frame you selected, and lastly the prescription lens you want inserted into your glasses. If the customer decides they want to purchase glasses externally, this means the full aim of services from the optician will not be fulfilled. This results in a loss of possible sales.

When you are buying spectacles from the opticians who just gave you your prescription, they usually don’t charge for the second service, PD measurement.  However, when you choose to buy spectacles externally, opticians will try to recover the loss of possible sales from dispensing glasses to you, they simply include a charge for recording PD measurement. This isn’t against the law and despite pressure from the public, will not be changed by the General Optical Council (GOC).

Most opticians charge between £40 and £70 for your PD measurement, but have been known to charge up to and over £100. Do you really want to pay that much for a measurement you can do yourself? All you need to do is measure the distance between your pupils. For the standard distance PD you should look into the distance (as your pupils will be slightly wider apart this way). The reading PD is usually about 4mm closer than this. If your optician will not provide the measurement and you don’t have a digital camera alternatively you can state “smaller than average PD” or “larger than average PD” on your order so that we can make an educated allowance to optimise your glasses to your needs.

With a patent pending, www.eyebuddy.co.uk the world’s first for measuring your PD online. By uploading a picture of yourself with a ruler, you can easily measure your own PD. eyebuddy believes this simple idea can save you up to £100 from your local opticians charging you extra. Also, by combining your picture with eyebuddy’s virtual try-on system, it is possible to virtually try on different products. We use a picture of your face and then superimpose the different glasses, taking care to measure PD size and orientation correctly.

eyebuddy offer the full range of glasses lenses that includes Zeiss, Seiko, Essilor, Kodak and Hoya at the lowest prices online.

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Why don't you want free money?

If I said, “I’ll give you £5 for free if you read this to the end”, would you? How about if I added, “no strings attached”? Still not convinced? You’re probably thinking it’s too good to be true. For such a ludicrous offer, there has to be a catch somewhere. Is there something that would benefit me, am I looking to gain something? Back to reality please, we’re talking about you and the free fiver, not about me. If you want something valuable, however, I insist you continue reading to the end.

I’m no story teller but let’s change the idea and scenery. You’re walking alone along a busy street full of people you don’t know. You’re just trying to mind your own business attempting to avoid eye contact with strangers. All of a sudden, your eyes are transfixed on a person wearing a white board with the words, 'ASK ME FOR £5 AND IT’S YOURS' written on it.

Would you ask? Yes? No? Back to reality, it’s always easier to decide in this situation when you’re not actually faced with it. I’m not talking about life and death situations. I’m talking free money, getting a free fiver. How about we make this idea a reality? For those of you relishing the opportunity of taking part in this experiment because you want the fiver, my apologies. I’m no scientist but I can announce this experiment was carried out in London during November 2010.

For 4 hours, a guy wearing a huge white board advertising his offer of free money walked along a busy pedestrian street. Giving meaning to, “does what it says on the tin”, he gave £5 to every person who asked for it. Want to hazard a guess at the number of people who thought outside the box and decided to ask?

Unfortunately I can’t reveal the answer to you. No one really believes statistics anyway, so no one would believe 2,719 people walked past him without a word and only 16 people asked. Ideas and excuses are probably churning up in your mind as you read this. “Maybe those 2,719 people don’t need the money?” or “they were just minding their own business” are just 2 possible reasons you may have thought up along with several more. One of the more plausible reasons would be that people distrust the idea of getting something for nothing. I’m no psychologist but I enjoy saying something controversial like that every now and then. Click here to view the video of the experiment.

To conclude, sometimes giving people free money is simply too difficult. So I’ve decided to lend you my wisdom. In all this doom and gloom, economic crisis and bad weather, if someone wants to give you free money, please take it. It’s a hard ask, I know.

Many people advertise about their products and deals, but they spend money to advertise. They increase the prices of their products by a margin to recoup what they spent on advertising. In other words, you pay for their advertising. At eyebuddy, however, we minimise advertising expenditure and pass the savings onto you for your ‘word of mouth’. As a result, the prices of our designer glasses and designer sunglasses are consistently low. Best of all, with our eyebuddy revolution system, you just continue to save, save and save. You save so much it’s almost the same as giving you free money.

Hopefully you’ll have gained something from reading this blog. If you have any comments, be sure to let me know as I’m no mind reader. I’m just a writer.

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Carl Zeiss Lenses - World leaders in lens technology

The Carl Zeiss brand is one of the leading lens companies in the world. Founded in Germany, their lenses are very much favoured by professionals in the optical industry, photography industry, science and research industry and medical fields.

Photographers are always looking to capture the best images and to do this they need to consider what lenses capture the best light. Carl Zeiss take these ideas on board and ensure they create lenses capable to suit the photographer’s needs. Their lenses are designed not only to allow the maximum amount of light through them but also removes glare allowing pictures to appear clear, bright and rich in colour.

Scientists using microscopes with Carl Zeiss lens do so because Carl Zeiss promise to continually improve the precision of their lenses allowing users to see much more clearly than regular lens. This is the same for medical fields where they require their medical products to be the most advanced, accurate and precise as possible. Lenses by Carl Zeiss continually impress the professional world with their cutting-edge technology and they are constantly seeking to further improve with their innovative systems.

By combining the importance of light in photography and precision with medical equipment, Carl Zeiss offers the optical world the most advanced lenses allowing users a better quality of vision. Carl Zeiss vision and aesthetics are greatly emphasised in order to maintain patient satisfaction. Rated highly by optical experts, it’s to no surprise they have excellent customer loyalty. Their lens technology is continually improving as they strive for perfection.

Not all opticians offer you the possibilities of having Carl Zeiss glasses lenses with your frames but at eyebuddy, we do. eyebuddy offer Carl Zeiss Glasses lenses of varying sizes, thinness and coatings. We understand how quality vision means a great deal to people, and therefore Carl Zeiss and eyebuddy aim to provide you with the best available. Our close working partnership with Carl Zeiss ensures you’ll be first to know when any of the latest prescription lenses have been released.

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