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Quality and professional service statement

Quality and Professional Service Statement
1. Summary overview
2. Eyecare information & questions
3. Professional supervision for all orders
4. Order certificate
5. Prescription verification
6. Manufacturing standards and set-up
7. Bifocals & verifocals
8. After-sales care
9. Optical assistants
10. Eyebuddy® optical committee
11. Contact us

If you have any difficulty reading any of our Terms & Legals, you must contact us before you place your order.

1. Summary overview ( top )

This Quality & Professional Service Statement was prepared, and is periodically reviewed, by eyebuddy®  to ensure professional service, high standards of quality and best practice. It also cover’s eyebuddy®’s supervision requirements for the sale of glasses and contact lenses.

eyebuddy® uses qualified staff and non-qualified staff (e.g., glazers, order processing) to ensure standards of quality with particular focus on the following areas:

  • Catalogue of eyecare information updated regularly.
  • Online responses to eyecare questions received 24 hours a day.
  • Ensuring accurate PD measurements online.
  • Quality supervision and management (e.g., Prescription validation).
  • Setting-up glasses (align frames etc).

2. Eyecare information & questions ( top )

Important specifications, content and materials supplied by eyebuddy® is reviewed by qualified staff.

eyebuddy® provides a contact us facility. All advice is given in good faith and is not a substitute for a face to face consultation with an optometrist. If you are experiencing a sudden deterioration in vision, red eyes, or severe discomfort / pain please consult an optician or doctor or attend accident & emergency immediately. eyebuddy cannot be held responsible for any deviation to this.

The information contained within emails from eyebuddy is confidential and intended only for the individual or entity to who the email(s) is/are addressed. If you have received any message (written or verbal) in error or there are any problems please notify the sender/source immediately. The unauthorised use, disclosure, copying or alteration of emails is strictly forbidden. Eyebuddy Ltd will not be liable for direct, special, indirect or consequential damages arising from a breach of confidentiality, alteration of the contents of emails by a third party or as a result of any virus being passed on.

3. Professional supervision for orders ( top )

The sale of all optical products that contain a prescription (i.e., glasses or contact lenses) through eyebuddy® Ltd are supervised. This may include, although is not limited to, discussing orders with customers, advising customers, arranging a consultation, rejecting an order if the circumstances suggest that it would be inappropriate to complete the order.

Prescription orders made with eyebuddy® are reviewed, checked and approved by one of eyebuddy®’s supervisors. This is certified before any orders are despatched to the customer. The supervisor may recommend rejecting the order, in which case eyebuddy® reserves the right to cancel the order. In such events, the customer will be contacted and advice will be provided.

eyebuddy®’s PD measurement tool has been tested.

4. Order certification ( top )

Every eyebuddy® customer must certify that they are over 16 years old, and that they are not registered blind or partially sighted. Customers are required to provide eyebuddy® with all details of their prescription including any notes on the prescription.

5. Prescription verification ( top )

eyebuddy® requires that all customers certify that they are in possession of a written prescription given by a registered optometrist or registered medical practitioner which is less than two years old. If the customer is 70 or over, this prescription must be less than one year old. eyebuddy® does not accept orders to older prescriptions.

The supervisor must be satisfied that the prescription is valid and that it has been correctly written. At their discretion, they may contact the customer to confirm their prescription, provide the original prescription or to verify the prescription with the optician or optometrist who wrote the prescription.

eyebuddy® will not supply to prescriptions where the power of any distance sphere exceeds ± 9.75 dioptres or where the power of any cylinder exceeds ± 4.00 dioptres. eyebuddy® will not supply bifocals or varifocals to a prescription where the power addition between the distance and the near elements is less than + 0.75 or more than + 3.50 dioptres.

eyebuddy® recommends that customers either ask their optician for their pupillary distance (PD) measurement. In the event that they are unable to attain it, eyebuddy® recommends using its PD measurement tool (located within the eyeTry-on feature) or taking an average pupillary distance measurement based upon a large database of prescriptions held.

In the event of a wrong PD being supplied, customers may experience some discomfort or eye strain although not damage or harm will be made. In such cases, eyebuddy® requests that such customers contact eyebuddy® and eyebuddy® will either arrange for their PD to be measured and then replace the glasses, or provide a refund for the frames and the lenses up to the value of Standard eyebuddy lenses.

6. Manufacturing standards and set-up ( top )

eyebuddy® only supplies lenses from laboratories whose work meets applicable British standards (including 2738). No cellulose nitrate or celluloid is used in the manufacture of glasses. eyebuddy® requires that all lenses and frames meet the requirements of all applicable European legislation and are CE marked.

eyebuddy® requires that each glasses lens produced by its laboratories are quality checked and tested using a focimeter to confirm that it matches the customer’s prescription and that all glasses must be checked visually for frame faults, and set up, before they are dispatched.

7. Bifocals & Varifocals ( top )

In the event of a prescription for biforcal or varifocal glasses, eyebuddy® requires a supervisor to contact the customer regarding the order. This must involved the following:

  • Prescription verification
  • Advice the customer on frame suitability and lens weight and thickness.
  • In the case of bifocals, warn the customer about potential intolerance and about change in prescription impacts on vision if this if the customer’s first pair

If a PD measurement is not included within the prescription, then the supervisor may request the customer to supply a PD measurement from an optician before accepting the order.

Any consultation includes required visits to confirm all prescription details, measurements and fittings.

8. After-sales care ( top )

eyebuddy® provides after-sale care information prepared by its supervisor on its website. This offers advice on the proper fitting and use of glasses and contact lenses as well as cleaning, recommends regular sight tests, provides information about our returns policy and advises any customers experiencing any problems arising out of the use of their glasses or contact lenses, such as eye strain, to contact eyebuddy® to disc.

The supervisor has absolute discretion to arrange a consultation with any customer. All orders are covered by eyebuddy®’s 7-day money-back guarantee. If the glasses or contact lenses are unsuitable and the customer feels, for whatever reason, that they need to be returned, eyebuddy® offers a full refund or replacement.

9. Optical assistants ( top )

All optical assistants are formally trained, supervised and appraised.
10. Contact Us ( top )

If you have any comments or concerns about our Quality & Professional Service Statement or any other material which appears on our Site, please Contact Us .

This document was last updated on 20th December, 2011.

This site is operated by eyebuddy® Ltd whose registered office is at 6 Stanley Street, Liverpool. L1 6AF. Our Company Number is 6662060, VAT Registration Number is 941826806, Registered TM is 007005895.


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