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Frequent eyebuddy® questions

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Before I order from eyebuddy® what will I need?
How can you charge such low prices?
How do I add eyebuddies to my account?
How is my eyebuddy® Discount Worked Out?
How is my eyebuddy® discount is displayed?
How can eyebuddy compete in such a competitive environment?


Does eyebuddy® sell designer glasses?
How do I get my prescription for glasses?
Can you take my prescription from my existing glasses?
Can anyone order glasses off eyebuddy®?
How can I choose a frame that fits?
Can I try on frames before I buy them?
I don’t need glasses but would like some without a prescription – is this possible?

Your prescription

How do I get my prescription?
What do all the numbers mean on my prescription?
What are some of the common abbreviations on prescriptions?
What prescription should I put on my eyebuddy® order?
I can't make out what's written on my eye test prescription?
What is the maximum prescription eyebuddy® can sell?

Can I use my contact lens prescription to order glasses from eyebuddy®?
What is a Pupillary Distance (PD)?
How do I find out what my PD is?
What if I opt to use an average PD measurement. Can it damage my eyes?

Ordering from eyebuddy®

How long will my order take?
What are the postage and packaging costs?
Do I need to sign for my delivery and what if my order does not arrive
How do I pay eyebuddy®?
Is the payment facility secure?
How does eyebuddy® focus on ensuring the highest quality standards up upheld?
Do you offer a price promise guarantee?
What’s eyebuddy®’s guaranteed and refund policy?
When does the guarantee period start?
What should I do if I think I have made mistake on my eyebuddy® order?
How can I return an order?
I have returned my glasses to you - what happens next?
Is eyebuddy® accessible to all?
What trademarks and patents does eyebuddy® have?

Spectacle lenses

I am not sure what spectacle lenses to choose?
How do I choose lens thickness?
Do plastic lenses scratch?
Does eyebuddy® sell tinted lenses and prescription sunglasses?
Does eyebuddy® sell bifocal or varifocal lenses?

Contact lenses

How do I get my contact lens prescription?
I currently wear an optician’s own brand contact lens – can you supply these?
My optician is being awkward about giving me my contact lens details. What should I do?

What should i look out for when buying sunglasses online?




Q: Before I order from eyebuddy® what will I need? top

That depends on what you’d like to order – for accessories and sunglasses, other than a means of payment, you don’t need anything. For glasses and contact lenses you will need the correct prescription for each – please note they are different!

For glasses it may also be useful to have a ruler to hand as it may be helpful to measure your existing glasses before selecting your frames and then compare the size of frames as you browse. You may like to have a spare pair of your glasses to help you do this!

To get maximum benefit from eyebuddy® you will also need 5 or more eyebuddies. All our products are heavily discounted compared to high street opticians and you can save even more by providing us with legitimate email addresses of five eyebuddies, and more still once your eyebuddies also start to use eyebuddy.

Q: How can you charge such low prices? top

High-street shops (including opticians) tend to be expensive because they have to pay very big high street rent and rates, opticians have a lot of expensive eye testing equipment, and they provide eye tests at less than it costs to deliver them (as a "loss leader"). In addition to these massive savings we are also big enough to negotiate great discounts with our suppliers for your benefit, and then there is the massive benefit of your combined eyebuddy discount.

The eyebuddy® concept relys on word of mouth (rather than advertising) through the eyebuddy® system. (Note: It is estimated that some of the better known high-street opticians spend over 10% of the price you pay on advertising to you. Other large online provider often pay over 20% of each transaction to its affiliates). All our advertising savings are passed straight to you! For the word of mouth you provide we then provide you with a personalized eyebuddy® discount which is applicable throughout the site; including on all sale items!

Q: How do I add eyebuddies to my account? top

Add an eyebuddy

Please note that you must be logged-in to add eyebuddies to you account using the feature above.

Once you are logged in (you have to register to do this), you can invite buddies within the box above. Alternatively, you can invite them within your Account area. Basket or Check-out.

Q: How is my eyebuddy® discount worked out? top

You receive a permanent 15% discount when you register (no membership fee). You then can invite as many buddies as you like and will receive the following further discounts (for the 5 best eyebuddies)*:

  • For each buddy you invite, you will receive a further 1% discount
  • For each buddy you invited that then goes on to register on eyebuddy.co.uk, your percentage discount for that buddy changes to a 2% discount
  • For each buddy you invited that then goes on to purchase from eyebuddy.co.uk (minimum £30), your percentage discount for that buddy changes to a 5% discount (their purchase must be within the last 2 years or it will revert back to 2% until they next buy and it will then go back up to 5%)

The maximum potential eyebuddy® discount is currently set to a total of 40% of the eyebuddy® price, which is often below cost price! However, we recommend you add as many buddies as you can to ensure you have the best possible discount in the future.

eyebuddies are automatically arranged in your favour. For example, if you invite 10 buddies, the 5 that provide you with the highest discounts will be used to calculate your discount.

We hope you agree that this is a compelling idea which is why we are patenting it to start a revolution in how you buy eyewear.

*Please note that the eyebuddy® discount is subject to change. However, any changes are likely to be in your favour. Delivery charges (where applicable) are excempt from your discount as they are charged at standard rates. Please read our Terms and legals for more information.

Q: How is my eyebuddy® discount is Displayed? top

- Displayed at the top right corner throughout the site
Discount Displayed

- Displayed on each product page
Discount Details

  1. eyebuddy® price: This is the price that eyebuddy® charges before your personalised eyebuddy® discount is added. This is almost always significantly less than the High-Street Prices as we view real high-street opticians data to ensure significant savings. For glasses, eyebuddy also include standard lenses for free. For full-rimmed and semi-rimless/supra glasses, these include CR39 lenses, which usually retail at around £59. For rimless glasses, these include thin and tough 1.6 lenses, which retail at £108.50 (maximum combined sphere -8/+6, cyl - 2). Prices are frequently reviewed to be kept up-to-date.
  2. Your eyebuddy® Price: This is the actual price you pay. It is tailored according to your personalised eyebuddy® discount, which is displayed at the top right of the site at all times.
  3. Your Potential eyebuddy® Price: "This is the price you could potentially pay if all your eyebuddies buy from eyebuddy® too (within the last two years).

Q: How can eyebuddy compete in such a competitive environment? top

By focusing on the best possible value across a massive range and then focusing on professional and efficient service. The eyebuddy concept is a huge differentiator and is just one example of passing on huge cost savings directly to our customers. Facebook was years ahead of Twitter in coming to market, but by offering a different way of doing things, Twitter has now become the number 1 for many people.

Your Prescription

Q: How do I get my prescription? top

Further details are given below in the Glasses and Contact Lenses Sections. However, you should know that your optician should give you your prescription for after every eye-test or contact lens consultation by law.

Q: What do all the numbers mean on my prescription? top

When you add your prescription we include information to help you add your prescription and explain what the numbers mean.

If you are under forty your prescription will probably consist of a "sphere,” a "cylinder,” and an "axis” for each eye.

The sphere measures how long-sighted or short-sighted you are. A plus (+) sphere indicates long sightedness or hypermetropia. A minus (-) sphere means you have myopia (short sight). The cylinder measures how much astigmatism you have (it can be + or -) and the axis is the orientation of this astigmatism between 0 and 180.

Once we reach our forties we normally develop symptoms of presbyopia and need extra help for reading over and above any distance or general purpose prescription we may have. This is characterised by having to hold close work further away to see it clearly.

Sometimes this reading prescription is written out in full (especially if you only need glasses for close work) but usually the extra power needed for reading is recorded as the "reading addition” or "Add”.

The reading addition is added to the sphere of your distance prescription to calculate your reading prescription.

Over the age of 55 we often begin to notice that the middle distance cannot be seen clearly either through distance or reading glasses. At this stage many people require varifocals, however you may also be prescribed an intermediate addition for hobbies or specific tasks such as computer, piano or DIY.

There may also be other information on your prescription some of which we may need to make up your glasses. This information might include prism, vision, visual acuity, back vertex distance and dispensing advice.

Prism corrects for muscle imbalance or a squint – if you have prism in your prescription we would recommend that you continue to use the services of a registered dispensing optician or optometrist, however, if you wish to order from eyebuddy® you must provide an accurate PD measurement measured by an optician.

Q: What are some of the common abbreviations on prescriptions? top

  • Plano, 0.00, Infinity - All mean the same thing! No correction is needed.
  • DS – "Dioptre Spheres” Usually appears under the CYL box indicating that there is no astigmatism (No CYL value). Please note that this can sometime appear after a reading addition.
  • OD – Your right eye.
  • OS – Your left eye.
  • PD – "Pupillary Distance” is the distance between the centre of one pupil to the centre of the other in millimeters.

Q: What prescription should I put on my eyebuddy® order? top

For glasses the easy thing to do is put your whole prescription on your order. You could also scan your prescription and send it as an attachment to orders@eyebuddy.co.uk.

The prescription we use will depend on what you want to order – whether you have want distance/general purpose glasses, specs for reading and close work, glasses for special middle distance use or varifocals / bifocals.

For contact lenses we will need all the prescription details in every case and unlike glasses this should include the brand name of the lenses too. Again if there is any potential for confusion or error ideally scan and attach the prescription with your order, or fax or post it too us. We will contact your optician to validate your contact lens prescription.

Q: I can't make out what's written on my eye test prescription top

No problem. Just post it to us or scan and email it to orders@eyebuddy.co.uk or fax it to 0844 824 3525, and we’ll do our best understand it. We’re great at understanding even the worst opticians handwriting but if we can’t we can phone them to confirm what we are struggling to read.

However your optician has no legal obligation to talk to us (some can even ask for a fee) and may refuse, in which case we’ll to ask you to go back to your optician and get them to explain it or re-issue a legible copy. It’s worth knowing that all opticians are legally bound to give you a clear, legible copy of your prescription to take home.

Q: What is the maximum prescription eyebuddy® can sell? top

For glasses our interpretation of the law as it stands is that we cannot dispense any prescription of more than ±10.00 SPH (sphere) and/or ±4.00 CYL (cylinder) because further measurements are required relating to your face and chosen frame that cannot be conducted online.

Please note that if your prescription if over +4.00 SPH we strongly recommend that you provide us with an accurate PD measurement rather than relying on an average value.

For contact lenses, providing you have a valid prescription, there is no limit to the level of prescription you can order as we have all the information we will need to supply you with the right lenses for your eyes.

Regardless of prescription there are certain people we cannot supply including children and people registered partially sighted or blind.

Q: Can I use my contact lens prescription to order glasses from eyebuddy®? top

No. As they are completely different unfortunately this is not possible and similarly a spectacle (eye test) prescription is not sufficient to order contact lenses either.

Q: What is a Pupillary Distance (PD)? top

Your PD is the distance between 2 imaginary lines running through the centre of your pupils. When you are looking at something far away these lines are parallel and your eyes as are as far apart as they can be.

When you are reading then the two imaginary lines cross at the distance you are reading at – i.e. where you are holding your book. When you are doing close work your eyes are converging together so the near PD is smaller than the distance PD.

In practice if we have your distance PD we can calculate your near PD based on a working distance of 40cm.

eyebuddy® use the PD measurement to position the "optical centres” of your lenses correctly for your individual requirements.

The higher your prescription the more important it is that we have an accurate PD measurement. On high prescriptions an error in the optical centres or PD, can cause you to see double, or more likely cause eye strain and head aches.

If your prescription is over +4.00 then you are strongly advised to provide us with an accurate PD measurement. Below that we can use an average measurement based on that used commonly (and without complaint) in ready made reading glasses. We use different averages for men (63mm) and women (60mm) based on our extensive experience.

Q: How do I find out what my PD is? top

eyebuddy® recommends you ask your optometrist to include your PD (pupillary distance) with your prescription – they are not obliged to do so or may make an additional charge, however, having this measurement saves time when ordering. Alternatively, you can use our online eyeTry-on for free, which has a facility to measure your own PD. However, you will need 2 photos of yourself, one without glasses and one with you holding a measurement reference, such as a ruler. Please go to Option 2 of the eyeTry-on and follow the instructions provided.

Other options to get your PD is to measure it yourself (or get a buddy to do it!), send us an existing pair of your glasses so we can read it from them, or ask us to use an average measurement. Our experience tells us that the average for women is 60mm and for men it is 63mm and that 80%+ of people are within close tolerance of these averages.

Q: What if I opt to use an average PD measurement. Can it damage my eyes? top

No. Having an incorrect PD measurement cannot harm your eyes. If it could then ready made reading glasses would never have been legalised in the late 1980’s.

However if your optical centres are positioned significantly differently to your pupillary distance you might experience a little discomfort or eye strain, or in extreme cases (e.g., if you have a Prism) you could experience occasional double vision. If you have a Prism or a prescription over + or - 4.00 you should provide an accurate PD measurement.


Q: Does eyebuddy® sell designer glasses? top

We stock the best selling models of the best designer names and have access to over 100,000 different individual designer frames from top brands such as Oakley, Ray-Ban, Prada, Jimmy Choo, Dolce & Gabbana and Calvin Klein.

Our designer frames are never grey imports, they are genuine current UK stock, and eyebuddy® guarantees you’ll save a minimum of 15% off the typical high street price, and usually much, much more. Keep an eye out for end of season special offers for even bigger discounts.

Q: How do I get my prescription for glasses? top

Once you’ve had an eye examination at your local opticians you should be issued with a prescription by law. Of course you might already have a prescription from a previous sight test and providing it is still valid you can use that – prescriptions are normally valid for two years from the date of the eye examination.

Once you have your prescription you are free to order your glasses from eyebuddy® and start saving money straight away. Introduce us to your eyebuddies to save even more, and when your eyebuddies purchase you will receive even bigger discounts.

Q: Can you take my prescription from my existing glasses? top

We can but we would rather not! Legally we can only provide you with glasses that are to a current prescription and we need you to certify that this is the case. As your optician is legally bound to give you a copy of your prescription we see this as the best option - if you are unsure how to interpret the prescription or can’t read the optician’s writing just scan and email, fax or post your prescription to us and we’ll do the rest. If there’s any confusion we’ll contact your optician to clarify things.

If you do wish to send us your glasses we strongly recommend you use a traceable posting service such as registered-insured or recorded delivery. We will soon but adding a mail order form but, for the time being please call and confirm your order and prescription and we can take payment over the phone. Once we've read the prescription, we'll return them straight away. Please note that we accept no liability for glasses sent to us or adjusted if they were from another provider.

Additionally when you send your glasses, eyebuddy® needs you to certify:
- You are over 16 years of age and in possession of a written prescription from a registered optometrist or medical practitioner.
- If you’re 69 years old or younger - that your prescription is less than two years old. And if you’re 70 or over, that you got it within the last 12 months.
- That the spectacles you’re sending are made to that prescription.

Q: Can anyone order glasses off eyebuddy®? top

A small number of people must get their glasses from a physical registered optician or optometrist and cannot buy online. This includes all children under 16, anyone registered blind or partially sighted, and certain people with "complex” prescriptions.

If the spherical part of your prescription ("sph” on your copy of your prescription) is more than + or -9.75, or the cylinder ("cyl”) is over + or – 4.00 you should continue to use your optician for glasses to ensure satisfaction.

Additionally if you have found difficulty in getting frames that fit properly in the past, or frequently need adjustments because you repeatedly knock your glasses out of shape we would advise you not to order online.

Q: How can I choose a frame that fits? top

Frame sizes are usually in the format "50 - 22 – 140”. In this example, the lens diameter is 50mm the bridge distance is 22mm and the arm length is 140mm. This can usually be found on the inside arm or occasionally on the back of the bridge. You can use this as a guideline by comparing them to your own glasses. To help you further, we also include the total frame width in mm, which includes the arms as well as the bridge and diameter.

Q: Can I try on frames before I buy them? top

eyebuddy® frames are commonly stocked by opticians. If you find a frame you like, you can always compare the make, model number, colour and size, and then search it out on eyeBuddy.co.uk later and compare prices.

Alternatively try on glasses online by uploading your photo to our eyeTry-On and viewing them online. We do not currently have an eyeTry-on for every frame as we have so many but we are working to add as many as we can.

In the future, we will be offering a try-on at home service.

Q: I don’t need glasses but would like some without a prescription – is this possible? top

You’d be surprised how many people wear glasses without a prescription to change their image, so of course we will welcome your order. You need to be aware that the "dummy” lenses in frames are not of optical quality and may actually impair your vision (plus they may have a manufacturer’s logo on them). For that reason you will need to order optical quality plain lenses (free with all glasses).

We’d recommend you choose photochromic lenses such as Transitions which are clear indoors and go dark in sunlight – that way you’re glasses will also double up as sunglasses.

Spectacle Lenses

Q: I am not sure what spectacle lenses to choose? top

The importance of lenses often gets overlooked when people are choosing their new spectacles. Frames are obviously important to their aesthetic appeal, but many people are unaware of the lenses available and how they can offer to give you greater vision.

The human brain collects 90 percent of its information using eyes. Since your understanding of the world depends on how you see things, perfect vision is crucial. Spectacle lenses can make a huge difference to the quality of your vision and we believe you get what you pay for when it comes to lenses. eyebuddy® therefore offer standard lenses for free (toughened for rimless frames) but recommends upgrading.

eyebuddy® is proud to offer perhaps the widest range of lenses available online in the UK and include premium brands, such as Zeiss and Seiko. Therefore, if you are wearing a particular brand you will probably find it here at eyebuddy®. We currently sell Zeiss, SEIKO, Hoya, Essilor, Kodak and standard CR39 lens.

If you usually wear and like Pentax Lenses, then we recommend you use standard eyebuddy lenses. Incidentally, the rights to use Pentax lenses label, were bought by Specsavers but the lenses themselves are not made by the photographic equipment company Pentax, which most people associate the brand with.

eyebuddy® also offers "Transitions” light reactive photochromic lenses plus a variety of higher refractive index plastics that are thinner than standard. Please note that the thinner designs help improve the appearance of your glasses and allow for lighter, thinner and flatter lenses.

Whatever glasses you choose we recommend a scratch resistant coating and also an anti-reflection coating for improved clarity of vision.

For further information on spectacle lenses click here.

Q: How do I choose lens thickness? top

Some people think that when we say a 1.6 lens that this means it is going to be 1.6mm thick, which is wrong! The higher the number the thinner the lens will be. This is because materials that bend light more than others have a higher "Refractive index” and therefore a shorter or longer focal length. This means that the same correction and focal length can be achieved from "less” lens (material) making them thinner.

For prescriptions over + or -3.00 we recommend thin 1.56 or 1.6 index lenses (15% to 25% thinner), for prescriptions over + or – 4.00 we recommend extra-thin 1.67 or 1.70 index lenses (up to 33% thinner), and for prescriptions over + or – 5.00 we recommend ultra-thin 1.74 index lenses which can reduce thickness by up to 39%.

For rimless glasses we do not recommend standard CR39 as it is not strong enough to withstand the extra pressure – thinner lenses also look much better.

Q: Do plastic lenses scratch? top

All lenses can scratch if they are not looked after, however uncoated standard plastic lenses are particularly prone to scratching under normal use so we recommend a hard scratch resistant coating – this increases the hardness of the lens several times over but its still not scratch proof. Most premium quality thinner lenses and Transitions come with scratch resistance as standard.

Q: Does eyebuddy® sell tinted lenses and prescription sunglasses? top

Yes. We offer variety of pale cosmetic tints and also darker sunglass tints including hi-tech polarising lenses for the best performance available. We also offer Transitions and other photochromic lenses which are clear indoors and go dark in bright sunlight. Please note that all plastic lenses have some degree of UV absorption & protection but do not provide a total block, as a full block gives a yellow tint. Sunglass lenses have a coat applied for a full lens block. All eyebuddy® tints offer full UV protection.
All our glasses and most lenses can be made into prescription sunglasses however it is worth bearing in mind that a frame should be big enough to cover the area surrounding the eyes to give full protection from glare – some modern shallow frames mean you may find yourself seeing over the top which is not ideal when you want to cut out glare and dangerous UV light.

Or why not wear contact lenses and then you can choose from eyebuddy®’s massive range of non-prescription sunglasses from top designers around the world.

Q: Does eyebuddy® sell bifocal or varifocal lenses? top

Eyebuddy does not currently supply either bifocal or varifocal glasses. This is because eyebuddy puts professional service as the most important element of its business. We sell these for contact lenses. However, for frames, Bifocals and Varifocals have to be fitted perfectly to one’s face. Otherwise, especially for higher-prescriptions, the wearer will not be able to see properly. Therefore, online providers that do offer these lenses are guestimating measurements and satisfaction will only ever be ‘Pot-luck’. Eyebuddy aims for 100% satisfaction and doesn’t believe this can be met with these lenses as things stand. However, eyebuddy’s patent pending VirtualTry-on is being adapted to enable accurate measurement online, which we believe will be a world’s first. In the meantime, we recommend that you buy the 'Frame only' and most opticians will be more than happy to measure and fit Bifocal or Varifocal lenses to them.

Contact Lenses

Q: How do I get my contact lens prescription? top

As with your glasses prescription, your optician is legally bound to give you a copy of your contact lens prescription though this may not be as simple as getting your eye test prescription.

If you are new to contact lenses and attend for an initial contact lens consultation or a free trial you will not be issued with your contact lens prescription. You will have to wait for your follow up consultation before it can be issued and you will also have to purchase an initial supply of lenses from your optician.

Your contact lens prescription is quite different to your spectacle prescription as the brand name of the lenses you wear forms part of it. Additionally it has details relating to the material the lenses and the shape and size of your lenses in addition to your vision correction. These details can be found on your lens packaging however we still need further information from your actual written prescription – in particular the expiry date.

If you are unsure eyebuddy® has the facility for you to order the lens brand without the prescription details – simply let us have the contact details of your optician (from the list we provide) and we’ll contact them directly and do the rest.

Q: I currently wear an optician’s own brand contact lens – can you supply these? top

Yes, in most cases. We maintain an up to date list of the generic lenses which are repackaged as opticians’ own brand contact lenses. These include Specsavers, Vision Express, Boots, Asda, Tesco and many more. The exception to this is lenses made by Sauflon Pharmaceuticals in the UK who will not supply online as they have an "optician only” policy.

If you wear lenses that are "optician only” you could ask to change to lenses such as Acuvue, CibaVision, or Bausch & Lomb next time you go for a check up. Once you have an initial supply you will be able to then order more lenses online. Email us and we’ll let you know the nearest equivalent to ask for.

Q: My optician is being awkward about giving me my contact lens details. What should I do? top

You can only get your prescription if you have had a recent check up on your lenses and it will usually be dated for 12 months from the last check up – hence if it is a while since your last aftercare appointment your prescription may have expired. Your prescription must have at least 6 months date on it for us to be able to dispense it legally.

Additionally if you are on a scheme where you collect lenses every 3 months and have a check up each time you collect (usually because you sleep in your lenses or have a medical condition that needs monitoring) then the optician is likely to only issue a prescription that is valid for 3 months which unfortunately we can’t dispense beyond.


Q: What should i look out for when buying sunglasses online? top

Sunglasses come in a varity of styles and are made by a number of different manufacturers. The style is often associated with certain brands. Indeed, Oakley, Ray-Ban, Chanel, Dior and Carerra are all well known for their designs. However, many can be and are immitated to make cheaper versions without the real logo. Certainly, you can certainly pick up sunglasses at a market for £5 for a similar style. Clearly, the quality will be reflected in the price but most importantly, the protection they provide from the sun's harmful UV rays is unlikley to be anywhere near as good as the real thing. Indeed, claims of '100% UV protection' does not ensure all harmful rays are cut out. We strongly recommend buying authentic sunglasses to ensure good protection and quality of sunglass lenses.

At eyebuddy, we offer leading designer sunglasses from Oakley to Rayban and Dior to Chanel. On the high-street you rarely see current sunglass ranges reduced as the margins are much smaller for them. You with therefore see our sunglasses prices are similar to the high-street before your eyebuddy discount is added. This however offers savings that are massive compared with our competitors.

We recommend you research you online provider before you buy sunglasses as this market is often supplied with ‘grey imports’ (without guarantees) and sometimes even counterfeit products. At eyebuddy, all our sunglasses are authentic and include the relevant certificates to prove this. We also never deal in grey imports.

Ordering from eyebuddy®

Q: How long will my order take and will you keep me up to date on progress? top

Your order will be processed on the day you make it, and, for glasses, once ready will be sent by Free SecureDX Recorded Next Day Delivery, on orders over £60 within mainland UK. For orders under £60, there is an additional £3.95 charge for TNT/Royal Mail standard delivery (2-3 days) and £4.95 SecureDX (frames only). For contact lenses they will be packaged and usually sent by TNT or Royal Mail.

All orders are prepared and dispatched as fast as we can. In practice, prescription glasses and some other frames take between 1-3 weeks, sometimes longer for more complex lenses. Stock glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses are usually much quicker. However in periods of exceptional demand orders can take longer and we can usually only guarantee delivery within 28 days. If an item is out of stock, we will get hold of it as quickly as possible, and when it arrives, we will dispatch it to you.

We hold about 17,000 unique products (21,000 in total) actually in-stock. Whilst this is a great number and we believe this gives us perhaps the greatest availability of the products we sell online, we do not hold complete ranges and sometimes have to order frames, lenses and other products directly from supplier to get the exact product you want. Although suppliers are usually quite fast to get frames to us, most top designer glasses, sunglasses tend to come directly from their main country of EU operation, which is often Italy, France or Germany. To read more on our Product availability and how we define the stock status of our goods, please Click here.

After an order has been placed, we will identify its location and get it transferred to us as soon as we can. We will usually send you an email to confirm the expected number of days and keep you updated of any changes to this date. On occasions, this may differ to what we originally expected if the information from the supplier was not accurate. We are sorry for the very small number of occasions there is a delay. Please let us know if you wish to cancel or change any order as soon as possible. We can often offer you an alternative colour or similar frame. Contact lens orders often cannot be changed once the order has been placed with the supplier. If we do not hear from you regarding validating your contact lens prescription, a change of expected delivery date or alternative product, we aim to cancel and refund your order within 7 working days.

We will notify you once your order has been dispatched. Please note, that although we send many items by premium delivery, this service is can be up to 3 days from the date they are ready to be dispatched rather than the order date. All items within an order are usually dispatched together. To read more on our delivery policy, please Click here.

Q: What are the postage and packaging costs? top

We offer FREE Packaging & SecureDX Recorded Next Day (for frames) or TNT/Royal Mail standard delivery (for contact lenses and other products) delivery on orders over £60 within mainland UK. Orders under £60 are charged at our standard £3.95 rate (via TNT or Royal Mail) or £4.95 for SecureDX (frames only). Once the order has been prepared, SecureDX includes guaranteed next day delivery (excluding Sundays and Bank Holidays) where a signature will be required. International delivery charges vary. Please see Delivery Information for more information.

For BFPO locations, we use HM Armed Forces mail. Please select United Kingdom for your address but highlight within the check-out notes that it is for a BFPO location.

Q: Do I need to sign for my delivery and what if my order does not arrive? top

Please try to ensure you are available to sign for your parcel if you are ordering using SecureDX (within the UK). These deliveries will not be left without a signature. Should you not be available to receive the delivery, a delivery card will be posted through the door, which includes a free phone number to rearrange the delivery on a more convenient date and/or location (business or residential). And, yes, this even includes Saturdays! Please inspect all goods on receipt of your order to ensure it is as you requested. If it is not, please contact us to notify us of the issue within 7 days of dispatch from eyebuddy.

If your order is dispatched via TNT/Royal Mail and has not arrived after 4 working days, please contact your Local Sorting Office to see if the order has been returned to the depot as undelivered, as it may well be awaiting your collection. If your order is not delivered to you or awaiting collection at your local Sorting Office, we must allow 28 days for unforeseen postal delays before we can raise a dispute with TNT/Royal Mail/courier about the non-delivered order. Please rest assured that we will refund or replace any non-delivered orders after investigations have been completed.

Q: How do I pay eyebuddy®? top

eyebuddy® takes all major credit and debit cards and PayPal. We are currently unable to accept NHS vouchers or other vouchers (e.g., ACCOR Services) as payment. We will not despatch goods until payment has cleared which can take some time with cheques.

Q: Is the payment facility secure? top

Definitely. eyebuddy® uses Paypal as it’s payment provider. This is renowned for being one of the safest in the world and includes all secure SLL certificates.

Q: How does eyebuddy® focus on ensuring the highest quality standards up upheld? top

We are committed to quality in everything we do. Please see our Quality and Professional Service Statement for more information.

Q: Do you offer a price promise guarantee? top

We believe we offer the best value online or on the high-street. We constantly scan our prices to ensure that we are not beaten on price. If, after your eyebuddy® discount or a standard 20% eyebuddy® discount (15% for registering and 5 emails), you find any like for like complete product on our site cheaper elsewhere like for like (including postage and other charges) and within the UK, either online or on the high-street, please let us know and we will amend our prices to beat the competition. If you find anywhere else cheaper for any like for like complete products within your order, up to 30 days after you made the order, we will refund you the difference.

Q: What’s eyebuddy®’s guaranteed and refund policy? top

To ensure that you confidence in purchasing from eyebuddy, we offer a 7 Day Money Back Guarantee. This means that even if you change your mind, we will give you your money back or exchange your order free of charge. Exceptions apply to tailored prescriptoin contact lenses and opthalmic lenses only (see Terms & legals for more information). Once they have been ordered, these cannot be refunded as they are tailored to your prescription and cannot be resold. Frames returned with free Standard eyebuddy (non-branded) lenses (with or without a MAR coating) will be subject to a nominal prescription fee of up to £25 for full-rimmed glasses and up to £50 for semi-rimless/rimless glasses. This charge will be deducted from the frame refund, which is to cover some of the prescription verification costs that eyebuddy incur. For lenses that are more expensesive than this, no additional fee will be applied.

Inspection should be made upon receipt of goods and any quality issues should be reported within 7 days of dispatch.

In addition to our 7 day no quibble exchange, we also offer 12 months warranty against defect of workmanship or materials – if your glasses break because of a fault they should repair or replace them free of charge.

For all returns, just fill in a returns form and we will see to the rest. If you wish to upgrade to a better frame, no problem, you just pay the difference. We are unable to refund post and packaging for these returns.

In the event of a prescription specification discrepency we will check the lens prescription using a manual and automated focimeter to confirm or unconfirm the specification is accurate. If it is confirmed that eyebuddy supplies glasses lenses that are not made to the prescription specification (within British Standards (BSA)), eyebuddy will either replace or refund (upon return of glasses) the glasses and reasonable return postage costs. If you are experiencing any difficulty with seeing out of your glasses or contact lenses, please visit your local optician for an eye-test. If you find your current in-date prescription is found to be wrong upon a re-check, then the optician should replace your lenses free of charge.

After 60 days from the transaction date, all refunds will be made by cheque to the person who made the original payment transaction.

Finally, we are committed to our eyeTrust Package, and continually strive to offer the very best service across each of our core competencies. Please see the Why eyebuddy section for more information.

Q: When does the guarantee period start? top

The guarantee starts on the day we post your glasses to you.

Q: What should I do if I think I have made mistake on my eyebuddy® order? top

We start work on your glasses within minutes of receiving your order so please don‘t delay contacting us my phone or email if you think you have made a mistake. Double check your prescription and other details before submitting your order and print it off for future reference. If you are unsure of anything at all we are only a phone call away (0800 083 6474).

Q: How can I return an order? top

If you would like to return an item, we will be happy to offer an exchange or refund. All returned items must be sent back in the original condition within 7 days of receipt. Returned items will be your responsibility until they reach us. We suggest you send all returned products back to us using the Royal Mail’s special delivery service or similar. Delivery charges will be refunded in the event of faulty or incorrect items only. Your statutory rights are not affected.

Q: I have returned my glasses to you - what happens next? top

If you have returned your order to us for a refund as part of our 7-day money-back guarantee, you should expect to see the funds appear on your card or PayPal statement within 5 working days of us receiving the returns goods. We process them as soon as we can but the payment provider can take a day or two to complete the transfer.

Q: Is eyebuddy® Accessible to all? top

At eyebuddy®, we strive to makes our products and services fully accessible to everyone. Our website has been build to ensure this, making it compatible with the standards set by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). See more Accessibility information here.

Q: What trademarks and patents does eyebuddy® have? top

eyebuddy® protects its trademarks and innovations. Please see Registered Trademarks, Patents & Copyright.


Just wanted to say a thank you for the superb customer service and wonderful product. Very impressed with how quickly and efficiently you handled the price match promise.

Purvi A

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