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Here, in our eyebuddy glossary, you will find what you need to know about eye-care and eye-wear.

Glossary of visual and optical terminology:

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For optimum health the UK government ... More >>
A way to measure chromatic aberration in lenses named after the s... More >>
Please see Addition. ... More >>
If present, the ADD value may be written anywhere on your prescri... More >>
Most metal, rimless and semi-rimless frames have adjustable nose ... More >>
When you order glasses from eyeBuddy we will set up your frame so... More >>
Some people, because of the complex nature of their prescription,... More >>
... More >>
Is the technical term for "Lazy eye".... More >>
Eyebuddy recommends an anti-reflection coating because they impro... More >>
People with astigmatism will have blurred vision at all distances... More >>
This will be a number between 0 and 180 degrees. If you have a nu... More >>
This is the distance between the back surface of the lens and the... More >>
The curve on the back surface of the contact lens usually called ... More >>
Almost all prescriptions take a basic form, including a sphere (w... More >>
The back curve optical radius of a contact lens is mat... More >>
Bifocal literally means “two focuses” and there are many types of... More >>
What is Blepharitis?Blepharitis is when the rims of the... More >>
Lenses that block blue light.  Blue light is scattered by the atm... More >>
A condition of unclear vision due to the blue light waves being s... More >>
The width between the lenses on an eyeglass/sunglass frame. Manuf... More >>
C segment bifocals are similar to a D segment bifocal, however ra... More >>
A clouding of the lens of the eye that can lead to blindness.  If... More >>
Cellulose Acetate is a material commonly used for the manufacture... More >>
Awaiting content. ... More >>
A small device with sunglass lenses that hooks onto your prescrip... More >>
Lenses that have a color coating applied to the outside of the le... More >>
A contact lens optician is a specialist dispensing optician who h... More >>
Your contact lens prescription includes the power and fitting det... More >>
The difference in brightness between the light and dark parts of ... More >>
The clear curved surface at the front of the eye which give... More >>
This refers to the distance between the distance portion and the ... More >>
See: Standard “CR39” 1.5 index optical plastic.   ... More >>
This should be a number between -4 to +4, in 0.25 increments. T... More >>
In D segment bifocals as the name suggests the reading area... More >>
This is the most commonly dispensed bifocal.  The reading s... More >>
This is the most commonly dispensed bifocal.  The reading segment... More >>
The most commonly dispensed wide segment bifocal.... More >>
Eyebuddy holds stocks of the best selling models of the ... More >>
There are a number of types of diabetes, however the most common,... More >>
Diabetes is the biggest cause of blindness in people of working a... More >>
The Diameter for a contact lens, or opthalmic lens, is the ... More >>
A balanced diet including 5 portions of fruit and vegetable... More >>
If you do not eat five portions of fruit and vegetables eac... More >>
Once you have had an eye exam you have a wide choice of options t... More >>
A dispensing optician, having studied for a minimum of three year... More >>
A distance prescription is for general purpose.  If you are... More >>
DBL is commonly known as the bridge size on a frame.  Imagi... More >>
Dry eye is a condition where your eyes do not make enough... More >>
An enhanced eye exam includes retinal photography as an opt... More >>
Your personal eye test is an important part of your regular... More >>
Not as you might think anything to do with your eye as such... More >>
The fundus is another name for the back of the eye includin... More >>
All qualified opticians (optometrists and dispensing optici... More >>
Glasses lenses or spectacle lenses are available in 1.523, ... More >>
The term glaucoma refers to a group of eye conditions where... More >>
All Eyebuddy glasses are covered by a 7-day no quibble exch... More >>
Lens materials come in refractive indices from 1.49 up to 1... More >>
Many of us invest considerably in our favourite hobbies and... More >>
Hypermetropia or long sightedness (also known as hyperopia ... More >>
In our fifties presbyopia advances such that our near glass... More >>
From early childhood as we get older we gradually lose the ... More >>
Yellowing of the skin and eyes caused by high levels of t... More >>
As the eye crosses from the distance portion of a bifocal l... More >>
Literally conical cornea - is a hereditary degenerative con... More >>
– awaiting content   ... More >>
Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation is ... More >>
– awaiting content  ... More >>
Also known as Amblyopia.  Reduced vision in one or both eye... More >>
Your optometrist or dispensing optician will ask you about ... More >>
see hypermetropia  ... More >>
Lutein is an antioxidant that is found throughout the bod... More >>
The Macula is the central area of the retina that is rich in co... More >>
Buy Macushield: Macushield 30 pack, Macushield 90 pack, Macushiel... More >>
Ordering glasses online can appear daunting but with a few ... More >>
Meso-zeaxanthin Mz is the 3rd macula pigment compotent and ... More >>
– simply means many focuses.  Multifocal spectacles include... More >>
People who are short-sighted can usually see close up very ... More >>
In our forties we develop presbyopia.  Our eyes lose the ab... More >>
Development of new blood vessels as an abnormal response to... More >>
Currently about 70% of people in England and Wales, and eve... More >>
Many of the people who are entitled to an NHS eye test are ... More >>
Many people wear glasses without a prescription to change t... More >>
Be sure to get sunglasses that comply with British Standard... More >>
For healthy eyes be sure to eat a balanced diet rich in antioxi... More >>
Most of the people employed in an optician’s are optical ad... More >>
If you have a complaint about an optician or optician’s bus... More >>
If you currently buy your contact lenses from an optician a... More >>
An optometrist is qualified to test sight and examine eyes ... More >>
A tint that absorbs less than 20% of visible light (transmi... More >>
The Pupillary Distance (PD) value i... More >>
Photochromic lenses react to bright light by going darker, ... More >>
A layer of special crystals enable polarising lenses to b... More >>
This term rather unflatteringly comes from the Greek meanin... More >>
If you are under forty your prescription will probably cons... More >>
The Prism value corrects any muscle imbalance or a squint. If you... More >>
– awaiting content... More >>
See varifocals   ... More >>
Your pupillary dis... More >>
Eyebuddy gets all the glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses a... More >>
Reading area refers to the part of a spectacle lens that is... More >>
Refers to a range of procedures, usually involving speciali... More >>
Many people wonder if we can put new lenses in their existi... More >>
The recommended period after which a contact lens should be... More >>
Rimless spectacles do not have a frame; rather the lenses a... More >>
Awaiting content... More >>
All lenses can scratch if they are not looked after, howeve... More >>
Semi-rimless glasses, also known as supra spectacles, do no... More >>
  – see Myopia (short sight, near sight)  ... More >>
Smokers are between 4 and 8 times more likely to go blind t... More >>
All Eyebuddy spectacle lenses are subject to strict quality... More >>
see spherical power  ... More >>
The spherical power measures the strength of a lens is denoted by... More >>
CR39 has been available since the Second World War but didn... More >>
Virtually all our frames and lenses can be made into prescr... More >>
Eyebuddy offers a wide variety of pale cosmetic tints and also da... More >>
Toric is a term given to special contact lenses that correc... More >>
Transitions are the best selling photochromic lens availabl... More >>
Trifocals offer an alternative to varifocals for people who... More >>
UV protection is important as UV ca... More >>
Lenses that have a colour, mirror or anti-reflection coatin... More >>
Varifocals or progressive lenses offer clear vision at all ... More >>
Vision is a measurement of a person’s ability to see clearl... More >>
Visual acuity is the measurement of vision with any correct... More >>
Not to be confused with replacement schedule, wearing sched... More >>
This is the distance that you view objects (e.g., a compute... More >>
Alternative biological term for the macula lutea, the centr... More >>
Zeaxanthin is the carotenoid pigment substance (carotenoid)... More >>
A contraction of Zylonite an American trade name for Cellul... More >>

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