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Glasses and sunglasses designer brands overview

The following provides a list of the key designer glasses brands and designer sunglasses brands with links to products and further information about each brand and it's history.

Amazing Deals designer glasses and sunglasses Featured Products designer glasses and sunglasses Clearance Products designer glasses and sunglasses
Amazing Deals info
Amazing Deals glasses
Amazing Deals sunglasses

Featured Products info
Featured Products glasses
Featured Products sunglasses
Clearance Products info
Clearance Products glasses
Clearance Products sunglasses
Adidas designer glasses and sunglasses Alexander McQueen designer glasses Azzuri designer glasses
Adidas info
Adidas glasses
Adidas sunglasses

Alexander McQueen info
Alexander McQueen glasses

Azzuri info
Azzuri glasses

Balenciaga Paris designer glasses and sunglasses Bottega Veneta designer glasses and sunglasses Burberry designer glasses and sunglasses
Balenciaga info
Balenciaga glasses
Balenciaga sunglasses

Bottega info
Bottega glasses
Bottega sunglasses

Burberry info
Burberry glasses
Burberry sunglasses
Bvlgari designer glasses and sunglasses Calvin Klein designer glasses and sunglasses Cameo designer glasses
Bvlgari info
Bvlgari glasses
Bvlgari sunglasses
Calvin Klein info
Calvin Klein glasses
Calvin Klein sunglasses

Cameo info
Cameo glasses

Carolina Herrera designer glasses and sunglasses Carrera designer glasses and sunglasses Chanel designer glasses and sunglasses
Carolina Herrera info
Carolina Herrera glasses

Carrera info
Carrera glasses
Carrera sunglasses

Chanel info
Chanel glasses
Chanel sunglasses

Chantelle designer glasses Christian Dior designer glasses and sunglasses D&G designer glasses and sunglasses
Chantelle info
Chantelle glasses

Christian Dior info
Christian Dior glasses
Christian Dior sunglasses

D&G info
D&G glasses
D&G sunglasses

Dakota designer sunglasses Diesel designer glasses and sunglasses DKNY designer glasses and sunglasses
Dakota info
Dakota sunglasses

Diesel info
Diesel glasses
Diesel sunglasses

DKNY info
DKNY glasses
DKNY sunglasses

Dolce & Gabbana designer glasses and sunglasses Emilio Pucci designer glasses and sunglasses Emporio Armani designer glasses and sunglasses
Dolce & Gabbana info
Dolce & Gabbana glasses
Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses

Emilio Pucci info
Emilio Pucci glasses
Emilio Pucci sunglasses

Emporio Armani info
Emporio Armani glasses
Emporio Armani sunglasses

Fendi designer glasses and sunglasses Flexon designer glasses and sunglasses Giorgio Armani designer glasses and sunglasses
Fendi info
Fendi glasses
Fendi sunglasses

Flexon info
Flexon glasses
Flexon sunglasses

Giorgio Armani info
Giorgio Armani glasses
Giorgio Armani sunglasses

Gucci designer glasses and sunglasses Guess designer glasses and sunglasses Hackett designer glasses and sunglasses
Gucci info
Gucci glasses
Gucci sunglasses

Guess info
Guess glasses
Guess sunglasses

Hackett info
Hackett glasses
Hackett sunglasses
Hero designer glasses Hugo Boss designer glasses and sunglasses Jacques Lamont designer glasses
Hero info
Hero glasses

Hugo Boss info
Hugo Boss glasses
Hugo Boss sunglasses
Jacques Lamont info
Jacques Lamont glasses

Jaeger designer glasses Janet Reger designer glasses Jean Garre designer glasses
Jaeger info
Jaeger glasses

Janet Reger info
Janet Reger glasses

Jean Garre info
Jean Garre glasses

Jimmy Choo designer glasses and sunglasses Juicy Couture designer glasses Julian Beaumont designer glasses
Jimmy Choo info
Jimmy Choo glasses
Jimmy Choo sunglasses
Juicy Couture info
Juicy Couture glasses
Juicy Couture sunglasses
Julian Beaumont info
Julian Beaumont glasses

Kio Yamato designer glasses Lacoste designer glasses and sunglasses Lazer designer glasses
Kio Yamato info
Kio Yamato glasses

Lacoste info
Lacoste glasses
Lacoste sunglasses

Lazer info
Lazer glasses

Lulu Guinness designer glasses and sunglasses Luxottica designer glasses and sunglasses Marc Jacobs designer glasses and sunglasses
Lulu Guinness info
Lulu Guinness glasses
Lulu Guinness sunglasses
Luxottica info
Luxottica glasses

Marc Jacobs info
Marc Jacobs glasses
Marc Jacobs sunglasses
Maui Jim designer sunglasses Meridian designer glasses Michael Kors designer glasses
Maui Jim info
Maui Jim sunglasses

Meridian info
Meridian glasses

Michael Kors info
Michael Kors glasses

Miu Miu designer glasses Nike designer glasses and sunglasses Oakley designer glasses and sunglasses
Miu Miu info
Miu Miu glasses
Miu Miu sunglasses

Nike info
Nike glasses
Nike sunglasses
Oakley info
Oakley glasses
Oakley sunglasses
OK designer glasses Oliver Goldsmith designer glasses Police designer glasses and sunglasses
OK info
OK glasses

Oliver Goldsmith info
Oliver Goldsmith glasses

Police info
Police glasses
Police sunglasses
Prada designer glasses and sunglasses Puccini designer glasses Ralph Lauren designer glasses
Prada info
Prada glasses
Prada sunglasses

Puccini info
Puccini glasses

Ralph Lauren info
Ralph Lauren glasses
Ralph Lauren sunglasses
Ray-Ban designer glasses and sunglasses Retrospecs designer glasses Silhouette designer glasses
Ray Ban info
Ray Ban glasses
Ray Ban sunglasses
Retrospecs info
Retrospecs glasses

Silhouette info
Silhouette glasses
Silhouette sunglasses

Smith Optics designer glasses Stepper designer glasses Tag Heuer designer glasses and sunglasses
Smith info
Smith glasses
Smith sunglasses
Stepper info
Stepper glasses

TAG Heuer info
TAG Heuer glasses
TAG Heuer sunglasses
Ted Baker designer glasses and sunglasses Titan designer glasses Tomford designer glasses and sunglasses
Ted Baker info
Ted Baker glasses
Ted Baker sunglasses
Titan info
Titan glasses

Tomford info
Tomford glasses
Tomford sunglasses
Universal designer glasses
Valentino designer glasses and sunglasses
Versace designer glasses and sunglasses
Universal info
Universal glasses

Valentino info
Valentino glasses

Versace info
Versace glasses
Versace sunglasses
Versus designer glasses Vogue designer glasses and sunglasses
X-Eyes designer glasses
Versus info
Versus glasses
Versus sunglasses

Vogue info
Vogue glasses
Vogue sunglasses
X-Eyes info
X-Eyes glasses

Zenith designer glasses
Zenith info
Zenith glasses

Designer glasses and designer sunglasses – a synopsis of the term 'Designer'

Designer glasses and designer sunglasses are funny terms. They have traditionally referred to the most sought after designs by the top world designers who are usually famous for their eye for, and designs in, fashion. It seems these days that in all fashion, what makes something ‘designer’ has lost clarity. Perhaps this is because you can legitimately call anything ‘designer’ if it has been designed. Given that everything has been designed somewhere somehow, or even copied through design, it is understandable that the term does not always reflect new and unique designs by the leading fashion designers of the day. This applies to designer glasses and designer sunglasses as well as clothing.

What is clear, consumers are rarely fooled, and can recognise the hierarchy of real designer brands quite easily. The more fashion conscious consumers have a very good understanding of this and appreciate that Chanel, Christian Dior, Tag Heuer, Prada, Giorgio Armaniand Gucci, for example, are all premium designer brands. In fact, most of the other brands you see above sold on eyebuddy are also well known designer brands which are often recognised not just for fashion and design, but for technology, such as Oakley and Ray-ban.

When it comes to cheaper 'designer' brands, you can get solid looking frames, whether full-rimmed, semi-rimmed (or Supra) or rimless glasses, at attractive prices with less well known and respected generic brands. This is the affordable option and provides excellent value for money providing you are still getting quality, which, with eyebuddy, you are. However, typically when it comes to designer glasses and designer sunglasses, you get what you pay for even if some of it is for the advertising of the brand. The bigger the name, usually the bigger the price tag, but the higher the quality, and more fashionable the design. Perhaps the big exception to this is Ray-ban, which although not exactly budget, are remarkably fashionable, and technologically advanced, at very reasonable prices. What’s more, their designs appear to be timeless designs, which perhaps explains how they are able to keep their prices very competitive.

Designer sunglasses are not just for fashion – maximise your protection from the sun

Sunglasses are an essential part of any wardrobe. Largely sales are through a fashion motive but we can't forget their real purpose as protection eyewear. Climate is constantly changing and the public's awareness of damaging UV radiation is increasing.

Sunglasses with authentic lenses actually stop 100% of damaging UV radiation through a protective coating; this is not the tint 'colour' itself. So you need to ensure you always buy your sunglasses from a reputable seller, as many fake/replica sunglasses have a fashionable tint without the UV protection! There have been a number of cases of people getting UV damage to their eyes from not wearing suitable sunglasses that conform to British standards. Increasingly, sellers of sunglasses are being asked about the lenses and their protection rather than what style to choose. With manufactures becoming more aware of this trend, you will see increased numbers of sunglasses on the market providing polarised and blue light protection. These are not essential and are in addition to your UV protection but help to ensure the wearer is more comfortable in their sunglasses, with less squinting. eyebuddy recommend polarised sunglasses, such as by Maui Jim. Ask most people if they have heard of this sunglass brand and the reply would probably be no, unless they have a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses! In these cases the reply would be "wouldn't leave the house without them!" These brands sell through word of mouth, so their sunglasses have to deliver on quality and protection. Ray-ban also offer excellent polarised lenses which were originally designer for the US Air force in the form of the iconic Ray-ban Aviator.

Genuine designer brands at eyebuddy at the most attractive prices

With our designer glasses and designer sunglasses you get the same quality designer products as on the high street, as we only sell genuine products and do not deal in any grey imports. We are a official suppliers of designer brands like Chanel, Ray Ban, Oakley sunglasses, Prada plus many more top designer brand names; so you're sure to get your designer glasses and sunglasses at the lowest prices at eyebuddy. This is guaranteed.


It was quick and easy. The product was cheap. I couldn't find anywhere else cheaper. It value for money.


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